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Whenever someone uses the saying, “It was right under my nose,” they’re referring to the idea that something was so obvious but they couldn’t see it because they were so close to it. In fact, you can see your nose at all times, but because you’re so used to it, you never realize that you can actually see your nose all the time.

When you’re really close to your business, it’s easy to start missing things because you’re too close to it. It can get harder and harder to maintain any level of objectivity because of the time you’ve spent crafting your brand and putting in the work.

In order to truly evaluate your brand, you need objectivity. You need a way to get a high-level view of what you’re doing so you can make the best decisions going forward.

In today’s episode, we talk about how to get that objective feedback and the importance of realizing you can’t do it all on your own.

Things You’ll Learn
  • What the key ingredient is to keep your brand on track.
  • Why you need different people speaking into your brand.
  • What kind of people you should be looking for to give an objective perspective on your brand.
  • Practical tips for how to make the most out of your meetings with others.
  • Where you can get what you need for your brand and find the people you need speaking into your life.

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