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Competition is one of the best things for business. It affirms an actual need and market for the industry or niche you’re in, and it encourages innovation and creativity.

There is a tendency to hold competition in a specific light, and it becomes easy to look at what the competition is doing rather than to focus on innovation or actually solving a problem. Rather than striving to be creative, you just try and catch up with what other people are doing, hoping to gain some of the same traction.

Copying is easy and following trends is simple, and there’s a better way to build your business than to only look at what others in your industry are doing.

On today’s show, we’ll be talking about the alternative to focusing on “what everyone else is doing” and improving your offerings in ways that make your competition’s methods irrelevant.

Things You’ll Learn
  • The one thing that matters more than what your competition is doing.
  • How trying to match the performance of your competition can hurt your brand.
  • What you should focus on instead of your competition.
  • What to do if you don’t like something about your industry.
  • Why you need to stop making decisions based on what everyone else is doing.
  • How to balance focusing on your target audience with an awareness of your competition.
  • How to be a leader in your industry instead of a follower.

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