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Culture is defined as a set of characteristics, behavior, and knowledge of a particular group of people. Different cultures have different languages, histories, social structures, protocols, habits, and everything in between that make up that culture.

This definition of culture can easily scale down into micro groups of people, in this case companies.

The collective personality of the people who make up a company is one of the defining ways a brand is created. A brand is shaped by the people within it, and the culture of that group of people will further define how that brand is shaped.

Whether you’re on your own, in a twelve-person company, or leading 300 employees, a healthy company culture is vital to the success of your vision.

On today’s episode we’ll talk about why a healthy company culture is important and how to shape it into something that others will want to be part of.

Things You’ll Learn
  • How to think and talk about other cultures.
  • How you can avoid your brand’s culture being created without your input.
  • What shapes the culture of a brand.
  • How to create the culture you want for your brand.
  • How to avoid firing employees that detract from your brand culture.
  • How great company culture benefits customer culture.
  • What your team members need to know about their place in your company.
  • The importance of shared experience and how that might look different for extroverts and introverts.
  • What it takes to create company culture for a remote team.

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