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“Create content,” they say. “Make sure you have content marketing in your strategy,” they say.

So there you are, sitting in front of a blank screen, trying to come up with content and a strategy because you have to put a check mark next to that task.

It becomes an endless process, day after day, week after week, trying to come up with new and interesting things to create, hoping that it will fit the grand marketing scheme you were told you needed.

Content is not the problem, and lack of content is not the problem. So what gives? Is there such a thing as too much content? Is it a never ending roller coaster of creating and production, one that leaves you exhausted every time you even think about making something else?

In today’s show we’ll be uncovering some commonly flawed ideas of content marketing and discussing the point of purposeful content in your own brand strategy.

Things You’ll Learn
  • What to focus on if content marketing is preventing you from creating.
  • The definition of content marketing.
  • What you need before you can sell.
  • The one thing more important than putting out a large quantity of content.
  • Why you need to market at some point.
  • The number one secret to coming up with a great content marketing strategy.
  • How to find out what your audience wants.
  • How to use your unique advantage in content marketing.
  • The sweet spot of the kind of content you should be creating.

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