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Let’s talk about haters.

If you’ve been around the internet for more than five minutes, you might have seen or heard someone complaining about “the haters” or saying catchphrases like “haters gonna hate”.

It’s generally used to describe a negative or critical person, specifically in relation to you or your brand. It’s not even just complaints or frustrations, but any sort of criticism that might come at you, both online and offline.

Can you escape it? Is there a magic way of preventing this kind of criticism?

On today’s show, I want to talk both about what to do when people are negative towards you or your brand, and also why I believe the term “hater” can be more harmful than helpful.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • If you want to do something that matters, you’re going to be judged and criticized for it.
  • You can’t prevent criticism or hate, you can only prepare for it.
  • When you understand your own insecurities, you can better understand why certain things hurt the way they do.
  • Know yourself, know your values, know your goals, know your mission. Repeat it to yourself. Have it written down.
  • Have someone in your corner whom you trust that can encourage and challenge you.
  • Don’t forget that the majority of people will be silent. A minority of people are loud, and a minority of that minority is negative.
  • Do not respond to haters. If you must, respond with kindness.
  • Work to be the person who encourages and uplifts with their words.