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One of the realities of doing anything in this world is that you’re always building up a perception about yourself. People are going to feel and think things about you, no matter what.

Naturally this means that everyone has a brand of some kind, whether or not you have a business or are trying to build anything.

Connecting this to what you’re doing, however, carries a lot of weight.

What is a personal brand, anyways? Is it as simple as slapping your name on something and calling it good?

On today’s show, we’ll be talking about personal branding, how to scale when it’s just you, and some of the perks (and challenges) of the personal brand.

  • The definition of a person brand.
  • How people are going to associate what they experience about you.
  • The two things you have to do to stand out by yourself.
  • Why you have to own the niche you’re in to scale and be interesting.
  • How your brand can grow to stand for something greater than yourself.
  • What of other forms of branding that apply to your personal brand.

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