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To make your brand stand out above the rest, you’ll have to create great content. But ideas seem so hard.

Even if the ideas you have are relevant to what your brand is all about, they can seem lousy.

If your content ideas are lacking, you’re not destined for failure. You just need a new perspective.

In today’s show, Kyle Adams takes over to talk about how you can take those seemingly lousy ideas and turn them into epic pieces of content your audience will crave.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • Great content gives your brand traction and positions you as the expert.
  • If your content is too term- or industry-specific, you’re going to lose the interest of some of the levels in your audience.
  • “The curse of knowledge” is when you think everyone knows as much as you do and you’re not sure how to make it relevant.
  • Break your idea down in a way that you could explain it to a ten-year-old. Not in an insulting way, but in a simplified way.
  • Make the subject of your content easier to digest and take in.
  • Convert your ideas into various mediums to unlock new ways of delivering your content and communicating your information.
  • You have to simplify if you want to reach people. Even the “advanced” in your audience don’t have time to comprehend a lousy idea.