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Building a company, product, business, or organization requires a lot of knowledge, hard work, and determination. You have to be sure that what you’re building matters and that you’re doing the right thing.

When you believe you’re doing the right thing, you assume a level of confidence that you need to have to push forward. You believe in your brand, and you are sure that you are right as you proceed.

Confidence, as you may have heard, is key when you’re a leader. You know how to move forward, how to ask questions, how to direct your brand in the way it needs to move. You’re sure of yourself, your goals, and your methods.

Yet…is that arrogant? Is it arrogant to believe you have the right solution, that your work is quality, and that you have the solution for your customers? What is the difference between looking confident and arrogant?

In today’s show, we’ll be talking about looking confident without coming across as arrogant, and how to uphold yourself and your brand in ways that attract people rather than repel them.

  • Confidence vs. arrogance—the difference and the definition.
  • Why confident people do what they do and why arrogant people do what they do.
  • How knowing how you’re coming across to both your audience and to onlookers shapes your brand perception.
  • The one thing you have to do to talk about something confidently without coming across as arrogant.

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