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When it comes to the overall look and visual identity of your brand, it can be easy to fall into the trap of the endless redesign. Whether it’s been six months since your last logo update or the website you just can’t bring yourself to ship yet, redesigning can be paralyzing.

On the other hand, your visual identity may actually need an update or a refresh. It might have been a few years and the way your brand looks doesn’t necessarily match the way it’s naturally evolved over time.

Either way, if you’re basing the decision on your own subjective feelings about how everything looks, that may not be a good enough reason.

When does it truly make sense to update your brand’s visual identity? How do you know when the redesign is ready?

In this episode we talk about preventing the endless redesign cycle and how to plan and prepare for the longevity of your brand’s visual identity.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • It’s hard to be objective when you’re redesigning your own website or app—how do you know if your redesign will be good or effective?
  • Don’t design for yourself, design for your target audience.
  • You need to know your audience and what their goals are. Who are you reaching now? What’s currently working well for you? What’s not working well? What’s your current business model?
  • Focus on your users—what matters is whether or not your design is going to help them reach their desired result.
  • If your brand evolves and you’re trying to reach a new kind of person, it may be time for a visual refresh or redesign.
  • Constant brand updates can confuse your customers. Don’t get stuck in the redesign cycle just because you’re bored.