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One of the questions we ask on this show most frequently is, “Who is it you’re trying to reach? Who do you want to help?”

Establishing who your target market is arguably required homework at the start of your brand. It defines your methodology, messaging, and focus. If you have no target, you have no direction.

Target audience can cover any number of factors, from varying demographics, business levels, industries, and deeply specific niches. Knowing who you’re trying to reach brings great clarity to everything you do.

But what if your business is not necessarily tied to a single target audience? What if you can actually reach multiple kinds of people with your products or services? What if you have several products and each of them work for a person in a completely different market?

In today’s show we’ll dive deeper into establishing a clear target audience, if it’s okay to have multiple target audiences, and how to evaluate how far your reach can go.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • Your target audience is a specific group, category, or selection of people that you want to reach, help, or sell to.
  • If there was a single type of person you could help, who would that be?
  • If you think you have two different audiences, try to think about what they have in common. Try to find the connection between the two groups.
  • The more markets you’re trying to reach, the more diluted (or washed out) your message is going to get.
  • Focus is key. Don’t try to reach everyone just because you think you could.
  • When you have achieved a certain level of scale, you may be ready to target multiple audiences, but be careful to keep your message focused to each individual audience.