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One of the first things we learn to do in life is to recognize faces. Some research suggests that babies are able to recognize their parents within only a few weeks of being born, and that it could only take a few months of repeated visits from friends or family to recognize them as well.

As we grow older and learn to study and memorize our surroundings, this process gets easier. We can instantly spot our friends from across a large room because we have learned to process what their face looks like into a specific response.

Instant recognition is one of the main reasons why companies take great care in their visual branding. They want consumers to immediately know what they’re looking at and the company it’s related to.

Without the luxury of massive scale like the larger companies, what can smaller businesses do to build recognition among their target audience? Is it better to be the front person and be the recognizable one, or have someone or something else the thing everyone remembers?

On today’s show, we’re going to talk about the recognizable features of your brand and how you can leverage a simple picture of yourself to make all the difference.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • Having your face be a part of your brand isn’t necessarily making it about you, but rather it gives a human touch that your customers/users can connect with.
  • Having a face for your brand will make your brand seem more personable, regardless of your size.
  • Some people pretend that they have a big brand or a big team when it’s just one person, and that can feel deceptive. Sometimes being small is an advantage.