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Your going to love todays episode.

Language is a fascinating topic, and along with language comes the conversation about spelling, grammar, and overall structure of your communication.

There has been an interesting observable trend over the last decade or so, a trend that has slowly diminished both the social requirement of good writing and increased the necessity of speed in our communication.

The results are apparent and incredibly interesting as you study the nature of how people connect on the internet. Typos are just part of the charm, right?

Not only this, but the internet has also connected people from all over the world, providing easy access and communication between peoples of multiple languages and cultures.

This means there are more people speaking more languages in more contexts. If you are writing copy in a language that’s not your first but is the language of your target audience, the pressure is higher than ever to get it right.

How you present yourself to the world influences how they see you, think about you, and feel about you. Today we’re going to talk about the role of spelling and grammar in your messaging, how much it matters in what contexts, and what to do if you’re writing in a language that isn’t your native language.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • People will develop perceptions about you based on what they observe, and how you present yourself will shape these perceptions.
  • If you are writing in a language that is not your first, you can get a friend who is a native speaker to help, or even hire someone to proof your words.
  • Language naturally evolves over time, but the most important thing is to “speak the same language” your target audience speaks.
  • Not everything has to be perfect all of the time. People like to see there’s a real person behind the words.
  • Don’t use translation apps for professional copy. They are good for quick in-the-moment solutions, but not for final and important uses.
  • How we write and how we speak is a reflection of the quality we want to put into the world. How you present that is up to you.