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Ideas are worthless. The only thing that matters is actually doing something about those ideas. Taking action is the variable that counts.

Once you have an idea, you might start to work on it. You put in some work here and there, but realize after a while the scope of what you want to do is larger than you originally anticipated.

You start adding to your process, revamping what you have. You redesign, you scrap and start over, you lay awake at night because it’s simply not done.

Why does it seem to be such a long time between having an idea and actually putting it out there? Why does taking action become paralyzing so much of the time?

On today’s show we’re going to talk about getting your ideas off the ground and avoiding the feeling of paralysis when it comes to taking action.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • Perfectionism keeps us from putting work out there that is legitimately good enough.
  • Ask yourself if what you’re making is something you can ship sooner than you think, and if you can improve on it after you ship it.
  • You can either wait for years and years to produce the most perfect version of your work, or you can get started now and iterate as you go.
  • If your current schedule doesn’t permit you to get to the quality you want, adjust your schedule to make way for your priorities.
  • Commit first. Start with a commitment, a deadline, an objective. The quality matters much less than sticking with the commitment.