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It’s not enough to simply have an idea of what you want your brand to be or how you want to be perceived. In order to remain consistent and to truly communicate what your brand is, you need to construct your brand identity.

Whatever your brand projects is part of its identity. Words, imagery, color, tone, personality, it’s all wrapped up under the umbrella of brand identity.

Your brand identity is the tool that gives you assurance that what your audience is seeing is consistent with what you want your brand to be. It takes the philosophy and internal workings of your brand and externalizes it for people to experience.

On today’s show we’re going to provide an introduction to the idea of brand identity, how to develop a filter for what you already have, and some simple steps to get consistency fast.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • A brand is not only how you are perceived, it is a representation of a relationship between two entities.
  • Defining your brand identity gives you internal clarity, a reference for the future, and a guide for your decisions.
  • Brand identity is the filter that condenses and combines all of the brand ingredients to get the right result.
  • Brand identity is composed of culture, personality, relationship, and projection.
  • Get rules in place for your content, messaging, and imagery.
  • Consistency starts with setting ground rules and then sticking with those rules as you go.