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The idea of putting imperfect work out into the world is unpleasant. You know if you worked just a little harder, just a little longer, you might be able to get it to where you envision.

Late nights, tweaks, updates, rehauls and refreshes. The bar for completion keeps getting higher and higher. Deadlines start coming up and the project is nowhere near the level you want it to be.

Sound familiar?

Maybe you’re working on a project and waiting to share it with the world until it’s done. You want to put the finished product on display and share it as people will experience it. You only get one shot at a first impression, right?

There’s a problem with this methodology, and the problem lies with humanity’s incredible ability to move on and move on quickly.

Knowing how to achieve the result of your vision is more important than the vision itself, and on today’s episode, we’ll be talking about how to keep yourself from procrastinating on shipping, why imperfect work can actually work perfectly, and why you may not want to wait until it’s done.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins:
  • We shy away from shipping imperfect work because we believe it will be what others judge us by.
  • It’s always possible to do something better than we used to. Improving requires doing the work, even if it’s not what you envision.
  • Keep working on the next thing that will make your last piece of work insignificant.
  • Show as much as you can of your progress to keep your audience from feeling that you’re stagnating.
  • Use your blog to show the progress and use your portfolio to display your best work.
  • When you work in the dark, people forget about you. The world moves fast, and if you want to stay relevant you have to stay front of mind.