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Keeping up with the modern trends can be an arduous task with great reward. Staying in business requires knowing your market and adjusting as things change over time.

On the other side of the coin is the idea of remaining consistent with your brand over the years. You’ve established yourself, you know what you’re about, and you’ve established solid patterns and systems.

How do you balance staying relevant with your target market while not compromising on what your brand is built on?

On today’s show we’ll talk about how to balance the natural evolution of a brand with remaining consistent to your core audience.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • Trends are typically things people do because they are new and different.
  • You can be “trendy” but not actually be relevant to your target market.
  • Companies who are successful don’t care about being trendy, they care about providing relevant value to the people they want to reach.
  • If you’re doing things for the sake of being trendy, you risk doing things that oppose your values.
  • Adjust your practices while remaining true to your values because you care about the people you want to help.
  • Look at your audience and ask yourself, “What helps them the most right now?”
  • Relevancy isn’t just being modern; it’s about meeting the needs of the people you’re trying to serve.