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The worst mistake a business can make when talking about a nice to have product is to define its specifications…and that’s it.

Certainly the features of a product are important, as many people in your target audience might be interested in those facts, but facts don’t sell nice to haves: stories do.

Story is what gives life to facts. It moves people beyond what we can see into what we feel, engaging parts of our mind that process the world differently. The inclusion of story in society is what gives us history and culture. Story is inseparable from life, and as such should be closely tied with your product.

Incorporating story into your copy and description is essential to getting people to care enough about your product to want to buy it.

This episode is the third of a four-part series. We’ll be talking about how build story into your nice to have product and attract the kind of people who will become customers.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • Storytelling is how we communicate and help people remember important things.
  • When we tell stories, we move past the facts and embrace the emotion and ideas surrounding the subject.
  • The story of your product doesn’t have to be a literal story, it just has to tell something other than what its features are.
  • Try to describe one of the features of your product without simply talking about the feature.
  • Your customers will care about what the product brings to their life more than the features that make it what it is.
  • You can tell stories through imagery, where your customer can see an example of what their life will be like after buying your product.
  • If your product doesn’t have anything unique about it, your customers will focus more on the price of your competition.