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This is a short conversation that Kyle Adams and I had a few days after the launch of Instagram’s new video service IGTV. It is raw, unscripted, and very on-the-spot from our perspectives on using the service and the future of the platform.

IGTV is an interesting subject of discussion because of its desire to take a piece of the long-form video market in a unique way. Its dedication to vertical video and insistence that users must adjust their consumption habits is incredibly thought provoking, which lead to this conversation.

Whether or not you prefer to consume content on Instagram, there’s no denying that IGTV is making a large impact in the space already. There are certainly some concerns we have that are likely simply growing pains of a new service that hopefully will get ironed out over time, and it will be fascinating to watch it develop.

  • IGTV introduces one of the biggest challenges the Instagram faces with their platform: split focus. Having multiple things on the app may not be bad per se, but it’s also three different types of consumption, which may soon be exhausting for creators to manage.
  • There will likely be a mass adoption by creators, both experienced and beginner, which I (Cory) predict will quickly be reduced to the ones who really want to see long-term results.
  • Knowing the type of content to put on Instagram may be difficult for creators coming from places like YouTube because of the manner of consumption on different platforms.
  • The way Instagram has trained its users to consume its content seems counterintuitive to the company wants its users to use the platform, and this will be a tough habit for the users to break.
  • The importance of video cannot be ignored by brands wanting to make an impact going forward. If you’re not doing video, you need to start today.
  • One of the best parts of IGTV is its low barrier to entry. Anyone can get started at any time.