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When your business is not yet financially viable, you have to have something that pays the bills. Running a business is not cheap, plus with the fact that you need to keep the lights on at home, there has to be a means of income somewhere.

Not everyone has the luxury of being able to work on their business full time. Many people support their business ventures by working a day job or bringing in finances by some other means.

For some, this may work quite well. They enjoy their day job and it provides them the peace of mind that their expenses will be covered so they can work on their business on the side without concern. (This is one of the cornerstones of overlapping; be sure to check out the book at

For others, their day job is one they dread every single day. It drains them and is a continual source of frustration. They may feel trapped, either because of the paycheck or the seeming lack of work elsewhere.

When you feel stuck in your day job and you feel like it controls you, you are doing a disservice to your business and passion.

So what would it look like to take control of your day job? What steps could you take to not only improve the job you have now, but perhaps even the company you work for? What sort of mindset would you need to transform yourself from getting burnt out at work to thriving and being fulfilled at your day job?

On today’s episode, we talk about what it might look like to support your business with a day job (you don’t hate!), how a simple mindset shift could change your actions and behaviors toward your day job, and why your business probably should be put on pause until you get your day job situation in order.

Highlights, Takeaways, Quick Wins
  • Forcing your business to be your main financial source of income when it’s too early to truly sustain you becomes a huge strain.
  • Without a solid business model, putting all of the weight onto your business income will eventually lead to burnout if you’re not careful.
  • Ask yourself if you were making 5-10X what you were making at your day job right now. How would that change your mindset and perception of your job?
  • If you’re happy at your day job you will find energy and focus for your business because the strain of the business’s financial stability can be lessened.
  • If you focus only on the “Clock in. Do work. Clock out” nature of a day job, you’ll miss out on the fulfillment that can come from doing your best work.
  • Take ownership of your role at your job and seek out responsibility.
  • The level at which you take ownership for the company you work for determines the type and quality of work you produce.
  • Consistently seek out ways to improve the quality of the company you work for.
  • A healthy relationship with your day job will give you better clarity and focus with your side business.
  • If you are unhappy with or dislike your day job, your priority needs to shift from building a business to getting a solid and fulfilling day job in place.
  • It’s okay to put your side business on pause while you get your day job situation in check. A negative day job situation is a detriment to your business.