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A podcast about business and setting big goals.

Why don’t you dream bigger? For one, people will ridicule you if you set big goals. They’ll tell you you’re impractical. They’ll tell you you’re shallow. They’ll try to discourage you.

But you can’t think like everyone else if you want to see different results from them.

Lambo Goal is a show about setting a big goal for yourself—it can be any larger-than-life goal, it doesn’t have to be a car. We set an insane goal and take you behind the scenes to show you every step along the way to achieving it.

It’s a podcast about business.

Every Tuesday, you’ll hear real revenue numbers, real tactics, and real methods.

The Lambo Goal isn’t just about an exotic car. Your Lambo Goal can be whatever you want it to be. This podcast is simply about getting you to set bigger goals than you ever imagined and then helping you achieve them by showing you how to build a thriving business.

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When you dream big, people will call you impractical. But you can’t think like everyone else if you want to see different results from them.

The Lambo Goal isn’t just about an exotic car. Your Lambo Goal can be whatever you want it to be. It’s about setting goals bigger than you ever imagined.

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Build Trust and Accelerate the Buyer's Journey With Video

070: Build Trust and Accelerate the Buyer’s Journey With Video

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 – 58 minutes

Lambo Goal is going on pause. More on that in the show.

I know… it’s tough. Trust me. We have to say no to some good things right now to say yes to some great things.

And there are some great things coming (don’t worry, Lambo Goal isn’t going away forever).

But today’s show with Cory McCabe is all about using video to bring people closer to buying what you have to sell.

If you want people to buy from you, they need to know, like, and trust you. Video is the fastest way to build those relationships.

But is it the right time for you to go all in on video?

See, I thought it was for me with seanwes tv back in 2014. I ended up doing a total of 186 episodes, but then I put the video show on pause. It was the wrong time.

I share what’s next for seanwes tv, why we paused the video show after 186 episodes, and why it’s coming back in 2017. You’ll learn how to recognize the right time to go all in on video and what to do before you start doing video.

How to Sell More Products, Stay Top of Mind, and Create Lasting Fans With Email

069: How to Sell More Products, Stay Top of Mind, and Create Lasting Fans With Email

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 – 1 hour, 20 minutes

Email marketing is tough. What should you send and when? How much is too much? What if you’re afraid of annoying people?

All you want to do is create a lasting connection with people. You just want a fan for life. How do you do that?

In today’s episode, we go a little more advanced and show you how to build out an initial autoresponder sequence to sell your products.

If you don’t already have a product to sell, we tell you how to get data from subscribers to figure out exactly what to build and exactly what people will respond to.

We talk about consistency, staying top of mind with email, mentioning and selling related products (downsells), and why you should focus on one product type and create related products instead of switching to something completely different.

Learn what to do when people don’t buy, whether you should sell in every email (at a micro and macro level), why you should speak to one person, and why your message should be polarizing.

If this wasn’t enough, we answer a TON of questions (probably many you have), so be sure to listen to this episode if you want ideas for improving your email game.

How to Be Motivated to Take Action Even When You Don't Want To

068: How to Be Motivated to Take Action Even When You Don’t Want To

Tuesday, November 1, 2016 – 51 minutes

How do you find motivation?

Motivation seems to be elusive. We can hardly ever find it or harness it when we need it, so where does it come from?

The people who are motivated know it doesn’t start with motivation, it always starts with doing. The motivation is found in the doing. You have to take action!

But how do you DO when you don’t have motivation?

We talk about how to intentionally enter a state of a flow and set yourself up to be motivated—and stay motivated.

067: Sticking to a Routine and Chaining Habits

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 – 1 hour, 14 minutes

In July of 2016, I wrote a book called Overlap ( It’s a 75,000-word book and I wrote it in 14 days.


I had a productive routine.

I would shut down at 9:00 PM, lights off at 10:00 PM, wake up at 4:30 AM, go for a run, and start writing by 6:00 AM.

That’s a lot of things, and they didn’t happen all at once. I worked toward this for many months prior, and it took a lot of steps to get there.

We talk about chaining habits together in this episode and creating micro successes. Instead of defining success as this big, perfect vision of the life you want for yourself, I encourage you to redefine success.

A successful morning routine starts the night before, so first, define success by when you go to bed. Do that for a couple weeks consistently. Then define success by when you wake up. Keep moving the marker.

Once you establish a new baseline, redefine success.

This is a very practical episode. If you feel like you have trouble sticking to a routine, or you’ve fallen off a routine you had in the past, or you don’t have habits you want, this episode will help you get back on the horse.

Accomplish Great Things and Leave Your Mark on the World

066: Accomplish Great Things and Leave Your Mark on the World

Tuesday, October 4, 2016 – 1 hour, 10 minutes

We all want to leave our mark on the world.

We want to make a difference, we want to be remembered, and we want to leave an impact.

How do you define your big goal?

When I was six years old, I had a big goal. Then life happened to me and I became “realistic”. It took me 20 years to recover from “realistic” thinking. I don’t want a “realistic” life, I want unprecedented results!

You have to be unrealistic. You have to think big.

But how big? How do you find your big goal? How do you know if it’s big enough? Do you need to know how much money it will take to get there? Does it matter? Should your goal be about yourself first and then others?

Cory wants to know all of these things, and that’s exactly what we talk about in this episode.

One of the big take aways is: can you put your goal on a poster on the wall?

Sounds like a weird question, but it can actually give you some clarity. If you can’t picture your goal on a poster, chances are it’s too vague.

Why You Should Be in a Mastermind Group

065: Why You Should Be in a Mastermind Group

Tuesday, September 20, 2016 – 1 hour, 6 minutes

What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is typically comprised of 4 to 8 peers who meet regularly to help one another improve, stay accountable, and increase success.

In this episode, we talk about why you should be in a mastermind group, how to find a mastermind group, how to start a mastermind group, and what goes on inside a mastermind group.

The mastermind sessions I’m a part of are comprised of four parts:

1. Updates
2. Goals
3. Challenges
4. Commitments

We go into much greater depth and detail on what each of those four parts contain (as well as share a bonus 5th part that’s possibly the most important).

This is the perfect episode for you if you’re interested in joining or starting your own mastermind group. You’ll learn how a mastermind group differs from having a mentor or a coach but why it’s just as critical to your success.

The Importance of Taking Sabbaticals and Why You Need Breaks

064: The Importance of Taking Sabbaticals and Why You Need Breaks

Tuesday, September 13, 2016 – 1 hour, 5 minutes

What in the world is Small Scale Sabbaticals?

Some teachers and professors actually take off a whole year every seven years as a sabbatical, but I’m talking about something more frequent.

Yes, we typically take off a day every week, but I always wondered: why isn’t there anything in between weekends and a year-long sabbatical?

In 2014, I decided to start taking a week off every seventh week. I’d work six weeks and then take a week off. I even started paying all of my employees to take a week off.

The results have been incredible. We’ve never looked back.

In this episode, we talk about the different kinds of sabbaticals, what to do if you think you can’t afford to take a sabbatical, whether or not it’s possible with a day job, and how you’ll be even MORE productive and get a greater amount of work done than if you never took off time in the first place.

We actually see an overall spike in productivity. Learn to get more work done, feel healthier and well-rested, and have a happy team.

What's Next for Lambo Goal

063: What’s Next for Lambo Goal

Tuesday, September 6, 2016 – 1 hour, 1 minute

We’re entering into a new season of the show with this episode.

You may have noticed there have not been any new episodes on the feed lately. That probably seems strange with how much I talk about the importance of consistency.

Strange is certainly a good word to describe the situation! I hate leaving people hanging and the last thing I want to be is unreliable.

The reason is I didn’t hear from my co-host, Matt, for many weeks. Not a peep.

I couldn’t fathom what had possibly happened for him to have gone dark for so long. Was he okay? Was he just that busy?

I waited for a long time, holding onto hope that I’d hear from him soon so I could learn what in the world was going on! I was in a really tough spot with no information to act on.

After a number of weeks, the team decided there’s nothing else we can do but move on with the show. Cory, who is on almost every episode with us, would step up as co-host. It would be a different show but a good show, and we set out to record our first episode together, Cory and I.

That was the plan, until just 15 minutes before Cory and I hit record.

Matt called me.

Everyone Needs to Know Your Goal

062: Everyone Needs to Know Your Goal

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 – 59 minutes

If the people around you aren’t getting you closer to your goal, they’re taking you away from it.

You have to get everyone on board. Everyone in your life needs to know your goal.

Every single day you need to be communicating your goal to the people in your life. Every day, you start fresh.

If you haven’t communicated it TODAY, you haven’t communicated it. Friends, family, relatives, audience… everyone needs to know. Communicate your vision. Get everyone on the same page.

Yes, you will turn people off, but only the people that were already taking you away from your goal.

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