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We actually love being interrupted.

That sounds weird because we often talk about disliking interruptions, but secretly we love them.

Push notifications, messages, emails… these are things that we allow to happen to us. If you allow life to happen to you instead of dictating what you will do, you’ll never get important work done.

But we like these things to happen to us. Why? Because it makes us feel important.

If you’re supposed to be writing, when you sit there long enough, you’ll eventually get a notification of some kind. This notification will tell you that someone enjoyed your work, or someone has a question, or someone needs something from you.

This feels good. It feels good to be needed. We want to feel important. But if you want to actually get important work done, you need focused blocks of time. You need time where you can be absolutely certain that you won’t be interrupted.

Minimizing distractions is one thing, but I’m talking about eliminating even the possibility of interruptions here. There shouldn’t even be a thought in the back of your mind that there may possibly be an interruption during your block of focus time.

We talk about why focused time is important, planning your day, getting into a zone of focus, and minimizing distractions.

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