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You’re not going to save your way to being a millionaire.

It’s time to start making money.

A penny saved is not a penny earned.

Now, many people will tell you this. Their argument is, “A penny saved is MORE than a penny earned!”

You may think this is smart, but this is still how poor people think. Poor people save money. Rich people make it.

Here’s how I see it: don’t waste time picking up a penny when you should be making a dollar.

Would you rather save $100 or make $1,000 dollars?

It’s a difference between scarcity and abundance mindset. Creating wealth vs. stockpiling it.

How do you create wealth? You solve problems.

Look around you. There are problems everywhere. Most people are blind to them. Most people only see their own problems—and then they pay someone else to solve those problems.

You need to become a person who recognizes the many problems around you on a day to day basis and makes a point to solve them. Solve the house-on-fire problems. Solve the problems people have to have solved.

Open up your second set of eyelids and start to see the problems around you. These problems are your opportunity.

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