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If the people around you aren’t getting you closer to your goal, they’re taking you away from it.

You have to get everyone on board. Everyone in your life needs to know your goal.

Every single day you need to be communicating your goal to the people in your life. Every day, you start fresh.

If you haven’t communicated it TODAY, you haven’t communicated it. Friends, family, relatives, audience… everyone needs to know. Communicate your vision. Get everyone on the same page.

Yes, you will turn people off, but only the people that were already taking you away from your goal.

Things You’ll Learn
  • How to keep people from taking you away from your goal.
  • How wealth is created and why it is not a limited resource.
  • How to get people to pay you money.
  • How to know you’ve communicated your goal effectively.
  • How to get everyone in your life to get on board with your goal.
  • How to get unprecedented results.
  • Why you should share your journey publicly.
  • The one thing that will keep you going even when everything seems impossible.
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