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We’re entering into a new season of the show with this episode.

You may have noticed there have not been any new episodes on the feed lately. That probably seems strange with how much I talk about the importance of consistency.

Strange is certainly a good word to describe the situation! I hate leaving people hanging and the last thing I want to be is unreliable.

The reason is I didn’t hear from my co-host, Matt, for many weeks. Not a peep.

I couldn’t fathom what had possibly happened for him to have gone dark for so long. Was he okay? Was he just that busy?

I waited for a long time, holding onto hope that I’d hear from him soon so I could learn what in the world was going on! I was in a really tough spot with no information to act on.

After a number of weeks, the team decided there’s nothing else we can do but move on with the show. Cory, who is on almost every episode with us, would step up as co-host. It would be a different show but a good show, and we set out to record our first episode together, Cory and I.

That was the plan, until just 15 minutes before Cory and I hit record.

Matt called me.

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