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What in the world is Small Scale Sabbaticals?

Some teachers and professors actually take off a whole year every seven years as a sabbatical, but I’m talking about something more frequent.

Yes, we typically take off a day every week, but I always wondered: why isn’t there anything in between weekends and a year-long sabbatical?

In 2014, I decided to start taking a week off every seventh week. I’d work six weeks and then take a week off. I even started paying all of my employees to take a week off.

The results have been incredible. We’ve never looked back.

In this episode, we talk about the different kinds of sabbaticals, what to do if you think you can’t afford to take a sabbatical, whether or not it’s possible with a day job, and how you’ll be even MORE productive and get a greater amount of work done than if you never took off time in the first place.

We actually see an overall spike in productivity. Learn to get more work done, feel healthier and well-rested, and have a happy team.

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