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What is a mastermind group?

A mastermind group is typically comprised of 4 to 8 peers who meet regularly to help one another improve, stay accountable, and increase success.

In this episode, we talk about why you should be in a mastermind group, how to find a mastermind group, how to start a mastermind group, and what goes on inside a mastermind group.

The mastermind sessions I’m a part of are comprised of four parts:

1. Updates
2. Goals
3. Challenges
4. Commitments

We go into much greater depth and detail on what each of those four parts contain (as well as share a bonus 5th part that’s possibly the most important).

This is the perfect episode for you if you’re interested in joining or starting your own mastermind group. You’ll learn how a mastermind group differs from having a mentor or a coach but why it’s just as critical to your success.

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