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Email marketing is tough. What should you send and when? How much is too much? What if you’re afraid of annoying people?

All you want to do is create a lasting connection with people. You just want a fan for life. How do you do that?

In today’s episode, we go a little more advanced and show you how to build out an initial autoresponder sequence to sell your products.

If you don’t already have a product to sell, we tell you how to get data from subscribers to figure out exactly what to build and exactly what people will respond to.

We talk about consistency, staying top of mind with email, mentioning and selling related products (downsells), and why you should focus on one product type and create related products instead of switching to something completely different.

Learn what to do when people don’t buy, whether you should sell in every email (at a micro and macro level), why you should speak to one person, and why your message should be polarizing.

If this wasn’t enough, we answer a TON of questions (probably many you have), so be sure to listen to this episode if you want ideas for improving your email game.

Things You’ll Learn:
  • When to send newsletters.
  • What’s most important about email, even if you’re not ready to sell something.
  • Who people buy from and when they buy.
  • How to sell more of the products you already have.
  • The right time to ask for a sale.
  • How you should speak to your audience in emails.
  • How to make your emails feel authentic.
  • Exactly what your lead magnet should be.
  • Why having a small engaged audience is good.
  • How to know why people aren’t buying your product.
  • How to attract an audience who will buy your products.
  • The most important things thing to have in each email.
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