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In 5 Years, Searches for “Hand Lettering” Increased Over 1000%!

Hey, Friend! Sean McCabe here.

Hand lettering has experienced a massive resurgence.

In just a few short years, nearly one million people have read my lettering guide!

It’s no surprise you’re here: hand lettering is booming right now. People love hand lettering. Clients love hand lettering.

Hand lettering is selling all kinds of products like prints and t-shirts too.

As the world gets increasingly digital and automated, we find ourselves yearning for the hand-made and the authentic.

We want to be reminded that there is a human with a soul behind the designs we see!

Hand Lettering Gives You a Platform to Share a Message

When you create beautiful lettering, it will attract an audience.

People will slow down just to appreciate your beautiful art. But you also have an opportunity to share a message worth reading.

You have people’s attention—now what will you say? I like to use this opportunity to speak messages of positivity and encouragement.

Hand Lettering Tutorials & Classes

Over the years, I’ve created countless lettering resources based on receiving thousands of emails from hand letterers like you. Artists have shared their biggest struggles with me.

Some struggles are about drawing lettering:

  • Not sure what to practice each day.
  • Difficulty learning new lettering styles.
  • Hard time drawing straight lines.
  • Finding your own unique style.
  • Maintaining consistency proportions and size.

Other struggles are about making money with lettering:

  • Feeling like too many people already do lettering.
  • Family not believing you can make money.
  • Finding clients for hand lettering.
  • Unsure how to price hand lettering work.
  • Wondering who the heck would pay you.

If you’re feeling the same, be sure to click through to the resources below!

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Learn Lettering

After spending over 9,000 hours practicing, working with clients, selling physical products, and leading workshops, I decided to teach what I know about lettering.

Learn Lettering was born.

With a business background, I’m in a unique spot:

I not only have the technical drawing skills, but also the business knowledge to back them up!

I realized most artists lack the business skills they need to succeed.

I set out to bridge the gap between what you learn in school and what you actually need to know to survive as an artist.

Hand Lettering Gallery

Lettering Resources—Whether You’re Just Getting Started or Looking to Master Your Craft

The last thing I want is for you to feel overwhelmed.

If you’re a beginner, I want to help you ease in slowly and get started with the basics.

But if you’ve been lettering for a while now, I have some more advanced resources you’re really going to like.

Hobbyist or Serious Artist?

Click one of the two options.

I’ll be sharing relevant resources as we go!