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Improve your lettering. Learn techniques for creating different styles of hand lettering and deliberate practice.

Grow an audience. Learn to increase your exposure and build a following who will purchase products from you.

Make a living. Learn how to price on value, market your services, & attract the kind of clients that pay well.

Now is the Time to Learn Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is currently experiencing a massive resurgence. Over 675,000 people have read my introductory lettering guide in just the past few years. Since 2007, searches for “hand lettering” have increased 1000%.

It’s no surprise you’re here!

Hand lettering is booming right now. Hand lettering is selling all kinds of products like prints and t-shirts and clients want it too.

As the world gets increasingly digital and automated, we find ourselves yearning for the hand-made and the authentic. We want to be reminded that there is a human with a soul behind the designs we see!

  • Companies know that people love hand lettering.
  • They want to use hand lettering to attract attention.
  • These companies need to hire you to create hand lettering.
  • You need to know how to approach pricing if you want to make money.
“After this class, my confidence soared through the roof.”


Chai Jeffery
Master Class Student

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Learn Lettering is Trusted by Thousands

Since 2014, thousands have purchased the Learn Lettering class and now it gets even better.

Learn Lettering 2.0 is fully reproduced videos and all-new modules with 50% more lessons! I’ve gone through hundreds of emails from hand letterers like you sharing their biggest struggles, and as a result I’ve completely re-engineered the course. Learn Lettering 2.0 is tailored to the most important things you need to learn.

Join tens of thousands of hand lettering artists in taking the all-new Learn Lettering Starter Class. It’s jam-packed with modules on typographic terms, deliberate practice, in-depth lessons on drawing letters, hand lettering digitization, and more.

Learn Lettering has been a roadmap to grow my passion for lettering into a sustainable freelance business.
“I would recommend this to anybody serious about making a living as a letterer.”

Dane Gonzalez
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Stop Practicing the Slow Way

When I first got into hand lettering, there wasn’t very much out there in terms of hand lettering classes. I had to search all over the place and piece together information just to educate myself.

I didn’t know that I was practicing the slow way. I didn’t even know there was a right kind of practice to get better faster.

I don’t want it to be like that for you. That’s why I created Learn Lettering to show you exactly how to practice, step-by-step so you don’t have to guess.

I’ve seen huge results in my audience growth from applying Sean’s techniques and teachings.
My Instagram account has grown from a modest 150 followers to over 3,000 in just the first year.
That number has more than doubled in just the past 3 months
(Update: Now over 16,000 followers.)

Terence Tang
Master Class Student

You’re not just learning how to draw letters.

You’re getting a contextual education that equips you with the skills to create, and the business knowledge to succeed.

Techniques + Practical Application

Yes, the course covers the many facets of a lettering artist’s workflow, including techniques for creating different styles of hand lettering and methods for producing deliverable vectors.

But here’s why Learn Lettering is unique: I don’t merely impart tips and tricks—I show you how to make a living at lettering as a career.

I have 10 years of design and business experience. My podcast episodes on business, marketing, and design professionalism have been downloaded over a million times. The business courses in the Master Class help you understand the how and the why behind lettering as a career.

You’ll learn the skills you need and how to put them into practice with clients through comprehensive overviews of professional process and workflow.

My audience has grown by over 420% in less than a year!
I would highly recommend the class, even if you aren’t a letterer.

Kyle Adams
Master Class Student

Bridging the Gap Between Art & Business

You are an artist. You have a creative spirit and a desire to create beautiful things. You make compelling art and you love captivating people with your work and sharing a message.

  • You know that your art has the power to sell, but you just don’t know where to start.
  • You didn’t go to school for business and what business you’ve picked up isn’t really relevant to the online world.

The Learn Lettering Master Class bridges the gap between lettering techniques and real-world application.

You’ll learn the practical business knowledge you need to succeed as an artist. You’ll get access to modules on finding clients that pay well, learning to communicate with clients to prevent problems, design contracts and licensing (with templates), selling physical products, pricing on value, and teaching hand lettering.

It’s rare for artists to be business-savvy and most business people aren’t artistically creative. Learn Lettering is a rare hybrid of art and business training that will help make you well-rounded and ready to attract the right kind of clients and price on value with confidence.

I appreciated the very solid and practical exercises that the class walks you through.
No quick fixes, just expert advice that has to be followed up by practice.

Tim Brown
Master Class Student

Learn Lettering Master Class

You will not find another hand lettering class like this. The Learn Lettering Master Class is a contextual education that is not just showing you how to draw letters, but giving you the confidence to work with clients and pursue lettering as a career.

I take you behind the scenes on exact exchanges with clients, I give you contract templates, I teach you how to price with confidence, I share insights on selling and marketing products so you don’t launch to crickets. Learn to uncover the selling power of your work.

Typographic Terms & Deliberate Practice

5 Video lessons | 43 min

  1. The Anatomy of Type
  2. Choosing Harmonious Styles
  3. Drawing Inspiration from Typefaces
  4. Deliberate Practice (Part A)
  5. Deliberate Practice (Part B)
How to Draw Three Common Hand Lettering Styles

16 Video lessons | 1 hr, 38 min

  1. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Parts A-D)
  2. Drawing Sans-Serif – Lowercase (Parts A-D)
  3. Drawing Serif – Capitals (Parts A & B)
  4. Drawing Serif – Lowercase (Part A & B)
  5. Drawing Script – Capitals (Part A & B)
  6. Drawing Script – Lowercase (Part A & B)
Digitizing Hand Lettering

5 Video lessons | 1 hr, 19 min

  1. Digitally Preparing Sketches
  2. Creating Organic-Style Vectors
  3. Editing Vectors
  4. Creating Precise Vectors with Shapes
  5. Creating Precise Vectors with the Pen Tool
Hand Lettering Tools in Use

4 Video lessons | 27 min

  1. Lead Holders
  2. Microns
  3. Brush Pens
  4. Watercolor Brush Pens
Mastering the Art of Letterspacing

4 Video lessons | 25 min

  1. Applying Kerning Principles to Lettering
  2. Volumes of Negative Space
  3. Planning Out Lettering for Even Spacing
  4. Preventing & Recognizing Spacing Problems
How to Design Strong Compositions

4 Video lessons | 43 min

  1. Dissecting Sentences
  2. Making Thumbnail Concepts
  3. Applying Lettering Styles
  4. Creating the Composition
Creating Original Artworks With Precision

3 Video lessons | 32 min

  1. The Case for Originals
  2. Creating the Concept Template
  3. Transferring Designs to the Canvas
Designing Custom Type Logos

4 Video lessons | 28 min

  1. Logo Design Questionnaire
  2. Concept Sketching
  3. Logo Design Vectorization
  4. Refining the Vector Concept
Finding Clients

4 Video lessons | 38 min

  1. How to Attract More Attention
  2. Defining the Right Type of Client
  3. Getting the Clients That Pay Well
  4. Common Red Flags to Watch Out For
Client Communication

4 Video lessons | 16 min

  1. Preliminary Discussion
  2. Preventing Problems Before They Happen
  3. Setting Expectations & Establishing Responsibilities
  4. Crafting the Presentation
Pricing on Value

4 Video lessons | 26 min

  1. Full Price or Free
  2. Uncovering Value to the Client
  3. How to Price With Confidence
  4. The True Value of a Logo
Understanding & Writing Design Contracts

4 Video lessons | 17 min

  1. Starting with Plain English
  2. Understanding the Terms
  3. Payments, Deadlines, & Deliverables
  4. Using the Contract Template
  5. Streamlining Contract Delivery & Getting Paid
Selling Physical Products

3 Video lessons | 19 min

  1. What Products Should You Start With?
  2. Marketing Physical Products
  3. Promoting Products Without Discounting
  4. Increasing Revenue
The Selling Power of Licensing

4 Video lessons | 33 min

  1. Introduction to Licensing
  2. Understanding the Terms
  3. Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Rights
  4. Breaking Down Royalties & Advances
Teaching Hand Lettering

4 Video lessons | 20 min

  1. Building an Audience for Teaching
  2. Three Ways to Make Money Teaching
  3. Marketing for Maximum Sales
  4. How to Price

Learn Lettering Master Class

15 Modules, 75 Lessons

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I’ve gotten more client inquires, higher paying gigs and more respect.
This class is digestible, value packed and most importantly, entertaining.

Dina Rodriguez
Master Class Student

Money Back Guarantee

I believe strongly in the quality of Learn Lettering to not only substantially increase your lettering skills, but also make you back 10x your investment.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into consolidating a gold mine of knowledge that will enable you to make a living as a lettering artist. I confidently back it with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without inhibition. If you’re not satisfied, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money.


I’m just starting out. Is Learn Lettering for me?

Yes! You’re in a fantastic spot! Even if you’re just starting out, the Master Class is going to be tremendously helpful.

Rather than learn how to fix problems you’ve already made, you’ll learn how to completely avoid all kinds of problems in the first place. The Master Class will prepare you for business in the most practical ways. Everything from client work, to pricing, to creating, selling, and marketing physical products, and teaching.

How do I watch the lessons? Can I watch at my own pace?

Yes! When you purchase a class you’ll create an account that will grant you immediate access to all courses and lessons within. We’ll keep track of your progress server-side as you complete each course so you can pick up where you left off at any time, even on a different device!

Will this class help me get better at hand lettering by showing the right way to practice?

Yes! You have two options: you can get better the slow way or you can get better the fast way. There is no substitute for practice, but there is a right kind of practice that will help you improve the fast way.

In this course I show you how to practice in a purposeful way that will have a significant impact on your skills and avoid wasting time.