Learn Lettering Starter Class

Learn Lettering Starter Class

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Learning something new is always a challenge.

When it comes to hand lettering, you know you need to do the hard work of practicing, but…

  • Where do you start with lettering?
  • What kind of lettering should you work on first?
  • How long do you practice lettering?
  • When do you move on to a new lettering style?

It’s overwhelming.

You’re staring at a blank page wondering how to even begin.

There are all of these new hand lettering styles you want to learn, but trying to learn them all at once kind of makes your head spin.

You need a system for practicing.

Get Better at Lettering the FAST Way by Changing How You Practice

Do you really have to spend 9,000 hours before your work is good enough to attract clients?

The good news is: no. You don’t have to spend that long!

After going about it the long, hard way, and figuring things out on my own…

I discovered that I’d been practicing lettering the slow way.

What’s the slow way?

I basically spent a lot of time copying examples and styles of other hand lettering I saw. Sure, it looked okay, but it didn’t look great.

You know how frustrating it is to spend a lot of time practicing lettering but not see any real improvements? That’s what I’m talking about.

I could have gotten to my current level of skill a lot faster if I understood that there are different kinds of practice.

How much time it takes to get really good depends on the kind of practice you do.

There’s practice and then there’s deliberate practice. With practicing, you will improve. But with deliberate practice, you will improve faster and on purpose.

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So What is Deliberate Practice?

Non-deliberate practice is when you copy the fancy hand lettering pieces that catch your eye. You find a design you like, mimic it, and come up with something similar. (Although it usually looks a bit off and you can’t quite put a finger on why.)

With non-deliberate practice, you really only learn to imitate what someone else has already made. It doesn’t help you learn to create something unique that is your own. Yes, you’ll get better, but you’ll only get better slowly.

Deliberate practice is methodical. It’s the faster way to improve.

You start by studying and imitating the fundamentals rather than the completed works.

You practice the underlying techniques and building blocks that allow you to create your own composition from scratch.

It’s the difference between playing 1-on-1 basketball with your friend vs. shooting 100 free throws.

  • Playing 1-on-1 basketball is how you get better the slow way.
  • Shooting 100 free throws is deliberate practice.

You need is to repeatedly practice shots until you can make them with your eyes closed. Practice until you can sink the game winning shot under pressure because it’s second nature to you.

That’s how it is with lettering.

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Get That Perfectly Clean Look

Ever notice that the pros have impeccably clean work with something about it that just looks flawless and effortless? They make it look ridiculously easy, but when you go to try your hand at it for the first time you realize how deceptively simple they made it look?

Even when you carefully copy a piece, the letters just don’t quite look right.

We have an image in our minds of what we want to create, but what comes out just doesn’t match up.

  • How wide should this letter really be?
  • Where should the heavier stroke fall?

You look back at the piece you’re copying, but not you’re questioning if even they had it right.

What you need is to store up a mental bank of references.

In the Learn Lettering Starter Class, I show you how to deliberately practice hand lettering and build up a mental bank of references material that you can pull out at any time.

You’ll learn how to memorize letterforms of various styles and how to pair them together to create a piece that finally looks like it actually goes together.

Learn Lettering Starter Class

3 Modules, 14 Videos

Ready to get started with hand lettering?

This class teaches you how to get better at lettering the FAST way by learning deliberate practice.

You’ll get step-by-step lessons on how to draw letters with correct proportions, as well as many lessons on digitizing your lettering for coloring, prints, or creating other physical products.

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Typographic Terms & Deliberate Practice

5 Video lessons | 43 min

  1. The Anatomy of Type
  2. Choosing Harmonious Styles
  3. Drawing Inspiration from Typefaces
  4. Deliberate Practice (Part A)
  5. Deliberate Practice (Part B)
Step by Step Hand Lettering Drawing Guide

4 Video lessons | 54 min

  1. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part A)
  2. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part B)
  3. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part C)
  4. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Part D)
Digitizing Hand Lettering

5 Video lessons | 54 min

  1. Digitally Preparing Sketches
  2. Creating Organic-Style Vectors
  3. Editing Vectors
  4. Creating Precise Vectors with Shapes
  5. Creating Precise Vectors with the Pen Tool

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Learn Lettering Starter Class

3 Modules, 14 Videos

Typographic basics for the lettering hobbyist.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I always have access to the class? I want to make sure it’s not a limited-time thing.

Yes! Once you purchase the class, you have access indefinitely. It does not expire, there is no time limit, and you can re-watch as much as you like at your own pace.

The class is always available. It’s not a limited-time workshop or fixed to any schedule. Go through the material at your leisure and convenience.

I’m just starting out. Is Learn Lettering for me?

Yes! You’re in a fantastic spot! The Starter Class is perfect for you.

Learn how to completely avoid common problems when starting out.

How do I watch the lessons? Can I watch at my own pace?

Yes! When you purchase the class, you’ll create an account that will grant you immediate access to all of the lessons.

We’ll keep track of your progress server-side so you can pick up where you left off at any time, even on a different device!

Will this class help me get better at hand lettering by showing the right way to practice?

Yes! You have two options: you can get better the slow way or you can get better the fast way. There is no substitute for practice, but there is a right kind of practice that will help you improve the fast way.

In this class, I show you how to practice in a purposeful way that will have a significant impact on your skills and avoid wasting time.

Learn Lettering Starter Class

3 Modules, 14 Videos

Typographic basics for the lettering hobbyist.



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