Make Your First Product

Make Your First Product

Don’t know where to start with products?

Should you start small? Should you go big? What should your first product be?

There are so many choices and possibilities, it’s overwhelming.

We’re here to help you get some clarity.

If your first product is too big, you can easily get overwhelmed and never end up shipping. You’ll end up biting off more than you can chew.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with making your first product, these lessons will help you:

  • Overcome the feeling of being stuck.
  • Get more products on the shelf fast.

These lessons are jam-packed with creative ideas for quickly getting more products on the shelf.

The best part? We’re not just talking about making new things. Yes, we do give you a TON of ideas for quick products you can crank out in a short amount of time, but it doesn’t have to be new work.

You can repurpose what you’ve already made!

Make more money from work you’ve already done.

You have so many potential products right now under your nose you’re not even aware of.

Make Your First Product


The First Thing to Make and Sell When You’re Just Getting Started With Products

Creative Ideas to Help You Quickly Get More Products on the Shelf



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