I love the seanwes Community so much. Someone needs help with something and there’s another member standing at the ready with the solution. #Perfection

Pam Tremble
Membership Testimonial

I am about to close my first 5-figure deal because of the lessons in the Price On Value Learning Path.

I just wanted to say thank you for the value you’ve built here in the Community and podcasts/videos/etc.

Kyle Jackson
Membership Testimonial

The seanwes Community has been one of the best investments I’ve made during my business start-up.

I have a lot more confidence working with clients because I know, if I have a question or problem, someone from the Community is there to offer advice or feedback.

Sarah Nee
Membership Testimonial

Being in the seanwes Community has given me the education and support I needed to go from a technician to a professional.

Not only is the Community educational and supportive but it is also entertaining. There is a real sense of camaraderie here.

Katie Rosebraugh
Membership Testimonial

Being a seanwes member has skyrocketed my business, no hyperbole!

Spending daily time in the Community has become a part of my life and I’ve learned to think different and set bigger goals.

Any time I’m down or in need of inspiration, the Community is there. And seeing other people create so many amazing things motivates me to take relentless action and accomplish my goals.

Alex Kelerman
Membership Testimonial

Sean, his team, and the Community helped me gear up for leaving my day job to pursue running my own motion design company.

seanwes is a place for people who are serious about investing in their success and future.

Austin Saylor
Membership Testimonial

Because of the Community, I made $4,500 per project by the time I pivoted my design business.

Ed Williams
Membership Testimonial

You know, I have only been a member for a day here in the community, and I’ve already got 10x the value for what it costs.

This is a great community with great people. Thank you all for making this a great experience.

Karma Senge
Membership Testimonial

On the fence about joining the seanwes Community? I just earned a $16,400 return in one month based entirely on conversations I had in there.

Joe Allen
Membership Testimonial

Having only been a community member for nearly two weeks I already feel I have gotten full value out of my annual membership. I have quickly found accountability partners and been given amazing advice from other members.

If you’re seeking like-minded people who will help you grow, the Community is the place for you. The atmosphere and conversations here are pure gold and you can find so much value from partaking or just from observation.

Milli Berman
Membership Testimonial

This place has exceeded the price of the membership by 120%.

The clarity I have gained in the Community is overwhelming. I will continue to say this again and again.

Renata Lara
Membership Testimonial

Before joining: My Instagram account was stuck at 70 followers. I had no website, no blog, no clients.

After joining: My Instagram following grew to over 2,000, my website had more than 3,000 views each month, my blog had almost 100 subscribers and less than 0.1% unsub rate, I got two serious clients that followed my process.

I’m not bragging, just sharing real numbers. All of that happened in a year.

Sarah Dayan
Membership Testimonial

Before joining the seanwes Community, I was uncomfortable at the idea of shelling out hundreds of dollars just to “join a community”. I was skeptical of the value I could get out of such membership. I wanted to be sure that I’d get a return on investment.

After becoming a member, I found so much value I’m not sure I even can process it all. The resources contained life-changing concepts. They helped me become better in business, but also a better person in general. The membership opened my eyes to a new world.

The value that Sean and all the other members of the community provide is worth at least 1,000 times what you pay. Even more.

Since applying what I’ve learned, I’ve found clarity and confidence in my professional endeavors. I’ve drastically improved writing skills. My business acumen an order of magnitude above. Need I say more?

You know when you hesitate doing something at first and when finally you did it you tell yourself: “God, why didn’t I do it earlier?”

You know what: if you subscribe after reading my testimonial and you’re unhappy, I’ll refund you myself (although I think Sean would nevertheless take care of that anyway).

Thinh Dinh
Membership Testimonial

The first week I joined, I employed a small strategy that actually PAID FOR my membership.

As soon as I joined I had access to folks who could steer me in the right direction and answer ANY questions I have. The Community is positive, energized, and always “on”.

So much of the material is still way ahead of where I am, and I am not even utilizing it fully, but having this resource helps me relax, knowing I have a place I can trust for the help I need.

Learning about Value-Based Pricing has changed the way I look at my freelance work, and given me the confidence boost I needed to ask for what I’m worth.

If you’re on the fence about membership, try it. If it isn’t a good fit, you can always quit, but I doubt you will. This is one-stop shopping.

Joy Manoleros
Membership Testimonial

Compared to the hyperbole and air of deception I’ve always found at other business coaching and community sites, the straightforward and logical approach to the business guidance and the teachings at seanwes were a huge breath of fresh air for me. It was pure authenticity that lead me to join.

30 Days To Better Writing is an incredible tool to not only assist in building a writing habit, but it helped me to get projects going that I never thought I could before. Not until I was put through the exercises.

I’ve seen immense clarity in my time at the community. My life and relationship to independent business, and my finances, were all in the wrong direction. It’s been a years long process for me to turn that around, and the seanwes community was the catalyst for putting me on the right track. I’m now well on my way to a lifetime of success built on a strong foundation of lessons learned at seanwes. I am not exaggerating please talk to me about it!

I would say if you have a glimpse of a dream of following your passion through true hard work and discipline, you’ll find a home at seanwes.

Don’t know if you know what your passion is? No problem. Get in the Community and you’ll find out with the input of dozens or more people who have been exactly where you are now.

Ryan Magner
Membership Testimonial

My mindset towards my work and life itself has changed within the month I had joined the community.

The people are warm and approachable and brought me such fulfillment in my day job and in my side projects by just listening and being ever ready to help… we are from all over the world but there is a connection that feels more real than anything else online.

The material is so well catered that it feels like mind reading.

Twinkle Jumani
Membership Testimonial

I was originally interested in taking the Value-Based Pricing course which at the time was selling for $2,500 USD. As a Canadian, with our exchange rate, that was over $3,200, which I simply couldn’t afford.

Because Sean was so gracious to change the business model to now include all the master classes as part of seanwes membership, I was able to fill gaps my in knowledge and pinpoint exactly what I had been doing wrong. This allowed me to take my business to the next level and start conducting myself like a true professional.

You’d be amazed at how quickly you can see results when you have a clear, proven path for success.

Even outside of the Value-Based Pricing course, Sean and everyone else in the Community has been so welcoming and actually want to help you succeed. Its invaluable having a support base of like-minded entrepreneurs who you can turn to for advice.

Since becoming a member, I’ve gained so much clarity in my business. It’s extremely motivating when you have a clear understanding of what you need to do to achieve your goals. I’m actually excited to wake up in the morning and get to work on my business.

If you’re struggling in your business you just lack clarity. Stop spinning your wheels wasting your energy on what isn’t working. Set your ego aside and correct your course. You can’t you expect to get to a destination you’ve never been to without a map. So you can’t expect to get results you’ve never had without the guidance from someone who has.

That’s what you get when you become a member.

Matt Eldon
Membership Testimonial

When I joined a few years ago, I was unemployed and sleeping in my friend’s guest room. I felt lost and uncertain. Without a source of income and living off of savings, I wasn’t sure I wanted to spend the money. The seanwes podcast had been so uplifting that I decided to try membership for a month.

Before that initial month was through, I had IRL friends notice an increase in my positivity and productivity. That made continuing my membership a no-brainer! Membership wasn’t just bettering my business, it was bettering my life!

The Vault at large is my encyclopedia. It’s the first place I go when I’m looking for answers to my business questions (the next place I go is the Community chat.)

The number-one result I’ve gotten is clarity. I made two dramatic pivots to my niche since joining and I finally feel like I’m really helping people while doing what I’m passionate about.

Try membership for a month. Go all-in: explore the Vault and peek inside all the courses, engage in the Community and get to know people, figure out if seanwes membership is a good fit for you!

Jordan Aspen
Membership Testimonial

I already got what I paid for in joining the Community.

It only took a few days of being a member and now anything additional in the year is just icing on the cake.

Adam Mason
Membership Testimonial

The value of being a part of this community is insane.

Throughout Hiring Bootcamp, I kept thinking, “Why have we not done this or thought about this?”

When I’m active here in this community, it helps me focus on my business. Great job team!

Antwan Edwards
Membership Testimonial

The Community surrounds me with success-minded people who freely share advice, feedback, and encouragement — it’s a stark contrast to the negativity found on social media and any other online community.

Since joining the Community, I’ve grown as a professional, boosted the growth and profitability of my business, and became inspired by the successes of fellow Community members. It’s been the most valuable investment I’ve made for my personal and professional success.

Steve Luvender
Membership Testimonial

Man, I’ve been here less than a week and the drive and value this place has given me has already paid for my annual membership.

Jake Rainis
Membership Testimonial