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Get paid more money to do your best work.

Learn the proven steps to pricing on value and make more money.

Discover value beyond your client’s budget and enter a realm where you will never again compete on price.

Attract great clients who will pay what you’re worth and want to keep working with you again and again.

Make more money by learning how to effectively price on the value you create for your clients.

Value-Based Pricing: Get paid more money to do your best work.

You’re currently using one of two pricing methods:

  • Charging by the hour.
  • Charging a flat rate.

But let’s face it: you have no idea what to charge. You made up a rate and, every once in a while, you increase it when you feel like you’re being underpaid.

Every quote is a big, fat guesstimate.

  • “Hmm. I wonder how many hours this will take…”
  • “What are other people charging for projects?”
  • “How much do I think this client will pay?”

You have no idea about the value of your work. You don’t have a clue what your work is worth to the client. You’re using unpredictable pricing methods to quote a price you hope your client accepts.


Often the client says, “No,” and you don’t know why. They end up talking you down on price and things turn into a negotiation game.

Or worse, they say, “Yes,” and you immediately second-guess yourself. You wonder if you undercharged. In fact, you’re sure you undercharged.

If only there was a way to know you’re quoting the right price before you send the quote.

Stop leaving money on the table and start pricing with confidence.

Whether you price by the hour or charge a flat rate, you’re leaving money on the table.

Your work generates value for your client, but your pricing methods don’t account for it. They can’t. After all, you made up your own rates!

Your prices are guesses. You’re flying blind and guessing at the direction. You’re throwing darts in a dark room and hoping you get a bullseye. It’s all guesswork and hope.

You don’t want to build your business on guesswork and hope.

But just how confident are you with your pricing?

Rank yourself on a scale of 1 to 10 with each of these questions:

(Give yourself a 1 if you have no confidence and a 10 only if there’s not a single doubt in your mind.)

  • How confident are you that your client will say yes to your price?
  • How confident are you that the client will accept your price as a no-brainer?
  • How confident are you that the price is extremely fair to them?
  • How confident are you that the price is extremely fair to you?
  • How confident are you that you are getting very well compensated?

If you gave yourself a score of anything less than a 10 on every single one of these questions, you have a problem.

Yes, it is possible to score a 10 on every single question above (I’ll tell you more about that in a minute).

You’re guessing when it comes to price. The result is you can never be sure if you’re not charging enough or charging too much. Sound familiar?

Right now, you’re not able to do your best work because you’re spending your energy:

  • Chasing the next client job so you can pay the bills.
  • Guessing on the price every time you have to send a quote.
  • Dealing with client budgets.
  • Negotiating with the client.
  • Making arbitrary changes to the work.

All of this sucks away time you could otherwise spend doing great work.

You feel bogged down as a result and can’t remember the last time you felt fulfilled with your work—which is a shame, since you started this out of pure enjoyment for your craft.

You’re looking for a way to get back to focusing on just doing great work and not getting bogged down with the hassles of client work. You’re tired of spending 80% of your time on logistics, negotiations, making changes, and chasing the next client.

The course really helped me understand how the right client thinks. I’ve had a complete revelation on how to look at projects. The right clients understand that the value I can create is more than a simple expense line on their budgets. By allowing us to join their team, we can create value that adds significantly to their bottom line. They understand the value of that and are willing to compensate us for the value we bring.

I’ve seen great results just by implementing even some of what Sean’s taught. Also, his advice has helped me with coaching my clients as well. My trust was gained by the ridiculous amount of free content he consistently put out into the world.

Jamison Mergens

Get clients knocking on your door and never have to chase clients again.

Some months, things are good, and you have plenty of work. Other months, there’s no work at all.

Feast or famine.

It’s a vicious cycle that doesn’t go away until you get ahead of it.

You’re tired of chasing clients.

Not to mention, the clients you finally get just end up talking you down on price. They’re not great clients. They hardly pay the bills and they’re a nightmare to work with.

You waste precious time negotiating, when all you really want to do is focus on doing great work.

You know you should charge more, but you find yourself doing work for less because you don’t want to lose the job.

When you finish a project, you wish the next one was lined up and ready to go. If you have to switch from work mode to chasing-clients mode one more time, you might just throw in the towel and give up on this client work thing.

You got into this because you loved the work. Now, it seems like your full-time job is “Client Chaser”.

Work with high-paying dream clients and get back time and freedom.

You’ve heard people talk about working with high-paying dream clients. These incredible clients pay way more than you’ve ever dreamed of making and yet they don’t micromanage.

Why can’t you ever get those clients?

It’s as if you’re putting off some invisible scent that scares them away. You can’t figure out why it seems like everyone else is able to work with great clients and get paid handsomely while you’re left with bottom-of-the-barrel clients who are not only horrible to work with, but never even pay on time!

In fact, sometimes, your clients don’t even pay at all. You had to chase them to land the job in the first place, and then you have to chase the payment just so you can make your bills!

Where are these legendary clients who pay well and are a joy to work with?

Why do great clients elude you?

Are great clients avoiding you?

There’s got to be something you’re missing. It seems like people who don’t even have your level of skill manage to get better clients than you. They don’t have all of these problems. They’re paid well and their clients even pay on time. It just doesn’t make sense.

Some days, you tell yourself it must just be dumb luck, and you’re unlucky. But that answer never satisfies you. Something inside of you knows there’s something you can do about it, but you just don’t know what.

It’s not like you actually learned how to get great clients at school. They don’t teach you this stuff at school. The only way to learn is from someone who’s done it before. Someone who’s spent years in the trenches and learned from trial and error.

$16,500 from Value-Based Pricing Right After Completing the Program

I just wanted to let you know that the case study I shared in our last meeting resulted in my winning the pitch. I beat several established agencies to win the business with a rebrand job for $16,500.

I know that I would never had won it if I didn’t do the Value-Based Pricing Pilot Program.

It’s a sound investment.

Thad Cox
Pilot Program Student

No more feast and famine: Clients scheduled for months in advance.

When you finish a client project, you should be excited, but instead, you’re worried about whether you’ll find the next job.

You want to know exactly what the next job is and have it scheduled in advance. This way, you no longer have periods of famine where there are no jobs. You’re good year-round because you have clients scheduled for months in advance.

Here’s what you want:

  • Clients knocking on your door.
  • Never having to chase the next client.
  • No longer having to browse job boards.
  • No more feeling desperate.

You want a consistent stream of clients ready to go and lined up ahead of time.

When it’s time for the next client project, you want a consistent, streamlined system you can follow so you get consistent results every time. No more reinventing the wheel.

You want a reliable process you can follow every time where you know the perfect price to quote.

No more guessing. Calculate the perfect price every time.

Value-Based Pricing is based on real-world factors and numbers. It’s pure math. There’s zero guesswork involved.

You won’t have to guess ever again.

  • If you’re guessing, you’re not doing Value-Based Pricing.
  • If you’re not confident, you’re not doing Value-Based Pricing.
  • If you’re not using real, monetary figures provided by your client to calculate the price, you’re not doing Value-Based Pricing.

A value-based price is derived by math using the value of the project to the client as defined by the client. The price you quote will always a fraction of the value to the client.

You have to learn how to determine the value accurately or you cannot calculate the price. We show you exactly how to conduct a thorough value discovery process.

The Value-Based Pricing course gives you a roadmap with step-by-step guidance on how to discover value.

You don’t have to do any math, because the pricing calculators do the math for you and show the perfect price to quote.

We’ve spent many years refining Value-Based Pricing and developing three custom tools to do the calculations for you.

These tools will help you calculate a price that will be a mathematical no-brainer business decision to your client.

The course is awesome. I’m almost halfway through and it’s already worth the investment. I will return to the material later, because I need to hear these things multiple times.

I truly believe the Value-Based Pricing course is a cornerstone for both my professional future as for the clients I will provide massive value for.

Thank you. Those two words aren’t enough, but it’s a start.

Robin Cuypers

Make more money with Value-Based Pricing.

Learn how to stop leaving money on the table and discover value beyond your client’s budget.

You will never again compete on price. We show you how to make budgets irrelevant. Never again will you be limited by existing project scope.

Other pricing methods cap your earning potential. Value-Based Pricing makes sure there’s no ceiling to what you can earn. The more value you create for your client, the more they benefit, and the more you profit. Everyone wins.

When you make more money, you can work less, and get back time in your day to pursue other projects, hobbies, traveling, or spending time with the people you love.

Value-Based Pricing Tools

Included in the course are three Value-Based Pricing tools. They work together and the calculations from each tool informs the next.

Written and video instructions are included for each of the tools. We give you guidance on how to use them, when to use them, and how often to revisit them. The Value-Based Price calculator, for instance, you will use on every project.

Income Calculator

The Income Calculator is designed to make sure none of your expenses go unaccounted for. It also makes sure your goal income is taken into account so the other tools can help you not just make a living, but make real progress.

Internal Rates Calculator

The Internal Rates Calculator helps you figure out where your time is going and how much that time is worth. It takes your expenses and income goal into account to make sure you don’t waste time on the wrong projects.

Value-Based Price Calculator

The Value-Based Price Calculator takes the numbers from the previous tools and combines them with project-specific information to give you a value-based price and a detailed overview of financial viability, profit, and more.

Value-Based Pricing is a complete client work system.

We have solved every client problem.

Imagine every issue you’ve faced with clients that makes your life a living nightmare— gone.

That’s not something we say lightly. It’s something we worked intently for years to solve.

Pricing shouldn’t be a guessing game for you.

It starts way before you even speak to the client. This is why the Value-Based Pricing program is a complete client work system. It covers everything from how you get clients, to proper positioning, value discovery, quoting the price, delivering the work, creating case studies, and more.

As a result you will:

  • Get more clients.
  • Get better clients.
  • Get consistent results.
  • Get paid more money.
  • Get better case studies.
  • Get more peace of mind.
  • Get more time and less stress.
  • Get more confidence in your abilities.

From 5-figures to 6-figures per project.

I caught up with one of our Value-Based Pricing students, Felippe, at a conference in Miami and he told me something incredible.

Before the program, Felippe was charging 4 figures for his projects. After completing the Value-Based Pricing program, he was charging 5 figures per project.

Adding a zero to his prices was pretty fantastic. That was already a great story.

But later, I connected with him at a conference, and he told me he’d gone on in the years that followed to charge 6 figures per project—first $150,000, and, most recently, $432,000!

I’ll let Felippe tell the story:

You don’t have to be at the 6-figures-per-project level to appreciate adding a zero to your prices.

No matter where you are, Value-Based Pricing will help you discover more value and make more money.

I made my way through the whole Value-Based Pricing course and will be through it again in the next couple of weeks.

It’s amazing. It’s so well written to the point where I keep thinking, “Why haven’t I been doing this since forever?!” Thanks.

Adrian Griffin

Add a zero to your prices no matter where you are.

Value-Based Pricing isn’t just for seasoned professionals who want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars from their services.

Value-Based Pricing is for anyone performing a service that produces financial gain for their client. If your client makes money from your work, Value-Based Pricing is for you. It doesn’t matter if you “only” charge hundreds or “only” charge thousands. Value-Based Pricing will help you break through the ceiling on your earning potential.

We’ve been helping people just like you transition from broken pricing models to using Value-Based Pricing consistently. The results from students have been astounding.

Within months, we see students add a zero to their prices.

  • Charging hundreds now? You’ll make thousands after.
  • Charging Thousands now? you’ll make tens of thousands after.
  • Charging tens of thousands now? You’ll make hundreds of thousands after.

We spent years developing this program and many more years refining it with students. Each module of this course has been cultivated to equip you with everything you need overcome all of the challenges you will face with client work. Yes, overcome ALL challenges with client work (not just pricing). Value-Based Pricing is your complete client work system.

Value-Based Pricing

Learn to price on value and make more money doing your best work. Attract high-value clients and discover value beyond the client’s budget.

This comprehensive course will take you from wherever you are now to pricing on value with confidence.

While the experienced professional will be able to apply this material and see an immediate return, this course is still incredibly valuable for the beginner.

Value-Based Pricing is the perfect guide to doing client work the right way.

Get the tools, scripts, roadmap, and education you need to calculate a value-based price and start making more money with great clients today.

Value-Based Pricing

6 Modules, 72 Lessons, 3 Tools

Module 1:
The Value-Based Pricing Mindset

14 Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to Module 1: The Value-Based Pricing Mindset
  2. The Limits of Arbitrary Pricing
  3. Defeating Scarcity Mindset
  4. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  5. Business Basics
  6. Common Misconceptions About Value-Based Pricing
  7. Saying No by Default
  8. Handling Existing Clients
  9. There Are No Clients From Hell
  10. Attract Clients, Don’t Chase Them
  11. Why Value is Determined by the Client
  12. Establishing Roles
  13. The Power of Goal Alignment
  14. Positioning Yourself as an Investment, Not an Expense
Module 2:
Attracting Great Clients

12 Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to Module 2: Attracting Great Clients
  2. Finding Your Professional Focus
  3. Focus & Curation
  4. Building a Great Portfolio
  5. Creating Incredible Case Studies
  6. Teaching What You Know
  7. Stand Out by Showing Initiative
  8. When to Do Work Pro Bono
  9. Encouraging Word of Mouth & Referrals
  10. Identifying Great Clients
  11. Common Red Flags
  12. Filtering Clients with Your Questionnaire
Module 3:
The Value Discovery Process

17 Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to Module 3: The Value Discovery Process
  2. What to Share & What Not to Share
  3. Avoiding Dangerous Discussions About Money
  4. The Cornerstone of Value
  5. The Constant Filter
  6. Taking Responsibility
  7. Setting Expectations & Defining Roles
  8. Eliminating Assumptions
  9. Finding Goals
  10. The Definition of Value
  11. Quantifying Value
  12. Discovering Value
  13. Getting Content
  14. Taking Full Advantage of Richer Dialog
  15. The True Relevance of Project Scope
  16. Communicating Clearly
  17. Knowing When Value Discovery Begins & Ends
Module 4:
Assembling a Value-Based Price

10 Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to Module 4: Assembling a Value-Based Price
  2. Confirming You’re Ready to Quote a Price
  3. Value-Based Pricing Factors
  4. Using the Income Calculator
  5. Using the Internal Rates Calculator
  6. Using the Value-Based Price Calculator
  7. Determining Financial Viability
  8. Contract Basics
  9. Presenting Your Proposal & Quote
  10. What to Do After Presenting Your Proposal
Module 5:
Doing the Best Work You’ve Ever Done

12 Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to Module 5: Doing the Best Work You’ve Ever Done
  2. Getting Paid On Time
  3. Don’t Distract Your Client
  4. Keeping the Focus on Value
  5. Improving Your Work With Knowledge From Value Discovery
  6. Making Case Studies As You Go
  7. Handling Red Flags During Execution
  8. Embracing the One Concept Approach
  9. Presenting Your Work
  10. Avoiding Scope Creep
  11. Streamlining Your Workflow
  12. Repeating Success & Avoiding Failure
Module 6:
Transitioning to Value-Based Pricing

7 Video Lessons

  1. Introduction to Module 6: Transitioning to Value-Based Pricing
  2. What to Expect When You Transition to Value-Based Pricing
  3. Getting the Clients You Want As Quickly As Possible
  4. Why Your Existing Clients Have to Go
  5. Wrapping Up Existing Client Relationships Professionally
  6. Breaking Bad Habits So You Don’t Stagnate
  7. Building a Foundation for Great Work

Value-Based Pricing

6 Modules, 72 Lessons, 3 Tools


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But to make things more affordable, we’ve decided to include access to this course for FREE with seanwes membership.

Becoming a member gives you instant access to the full course. This is not a payment plan: you are free to cancel at any time. Membership gives you instant access to ALL of our programs (valued at over $7,500).

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Earning a Sustainable 5-Figures Per Project After the Program

Value-Based Pricing allowed me to grow my project’s price from 4-figures to a sustainable 5-figure amount.

It’s not only a way to earn more money, it’s a whole mindset shift on your work, your process and the way you do business.

Knowing Sean’s and Justin’s standards, joining the Pilot Program was a no-brainer and it was worth every penny. The lessons, the tools and both Sean and Justin’s experience are the best way to perfect your pricing method.

Rafael Marques
Pilot Program Student

Transition to Value-Based Pricing.

This course will help you get from where you are now to using Value-Based Pricing with every project.

We break everything down systematically and give you a roadmap that is easy to follow.

We don’t just give you the system and then leave you to fend for yourself. We help you transition from your existing clients to getting the great clients you want and making more money than ever before.

We give you action steps in every lesson and show you exactly what to do.

  • Make more money.
    Never be held back by arbitrary pricing again. Create more value and substantially increase your profits.
  • Calculate the perfect price.
    Get access to tools that will help you assemble a price that will be a no-brainer to your client every time.
  • Enjoy your work again.
    Rediscover your passion for your craft and finally work with clients that respect you and your process.
  • Learn to discover value.
    Your work is valuable. We show you how to find that value through a value discovery process.
  • Stop fumbling in the dark.
    No more guessing. Learn the proven way to price with insights won from years of work in the trenches.
  • Price with 100% confidence.
    With every client and every project you will have complete confidence in the price you quote.
  • Work with great clients.
    Leave the bargain bin, make yourself immune to competition, and work with the very best clients.
  • Focus on what matters.
    Reach a place where your focus is exclusively on producing the best work of your life, distraction free.
  • Create win-win scenarios.
    Make more money while increasing the integrity of your process, pricing, and professional relationships.
  • Realize your potential.
    Become the respected professional you know you can be and start getting paid what you’re worth.

Money Back Guarantee

We believe strongly in the quality of the Value-Based Pricing course and its ability to not only substantially improve your professional career, but also make you back 10X or even 100X your investment.

We’ve poured our heart and soul for the past two years into developing the materials and tools and carefully refining them based on real-world feedback from professionals like you.

We confidently back the course with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. We want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without inhibition.

If you’re not satisfied, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money.

seanwes membership

  • Access to ALL Courses ($5,000+ Value)
  • Training Resources ($2,500+ Value)
  • seanwes conference Videos ($699 Value)

Monthly Membership


Annual Membership


Get 5 Months FREE

Learn copywriting and sell more of what you sell.

A copywriting masterclass that teaches you how to double your revenue.

Write copy that sells. Stop guessing and know every word moves someone closer to buying.

Convert prospects to buyers. Get people off the fence and turn your audience into customers.

Increase your sales. Write copy that keeps selling on autopilot long after you wrote it.

Write copy that sells while you sleep.

If you knew you’d make sales every time you sat down to write, you’d probably write a lot more often.

The words you write can sell for you on autopilot.

The problem right now is your products aren’t selling.

Something is wrong. Your traffic isn’t converting and you don’t know why.

It’s not like you have millions of page views each month, but you know you’re only converting a tiny percentage of your visitors.

For some reason, your visitors aren’t buying. That keeps you up at night when you should be making sales while you sleep.

You need the right words for the right person at the right time.

Maybe you have one of the above right. You might even have two. But unless you get all three working together, you can’t make sales (and knowing where to even find the problem is just the beginning).

Double your sales without increasing traffic.

Everyone’s always talking about “getting more leads” and “increasing traffic”. Both are great, but neither is your problem.

  • Your problem isn’t traffic. Sure, you could buy more ads or spend time and money producing content, and that will attract more visitors. But if the copy on your website isn’t converting you’re not going to get a good return on your investment.
  • You have a leaky bucket. First, you have to fix the messaging on your website. That’s where copywriting comes in. When you say the right thing to the right person at the right time, that’s when you make a sale.
  • You need to fix your copywriting. Let’s face it, it’s costly to pay for more ads (and hope they work out). It’s time-consuming to produce more content (and expensive if you outsource it). The more efficient way to double your sales is to improve the messaging on your site.

Right now, you’re guessing at what to say because you don’t know the right words. None of your visitors feel like you’re reading their minds, so most of them leave. If you make a sale, it’s by accident.

You won’t “accidentally” grow your business.

Get repeat customers who buy again and again.

There’s another lever you can pull to increase your revenue without resorting to buying more traffic:

Get the people who already bought from you to buy again!

It’s obvious, right? You just had to think of it. But you can’t rely on remembering to think about it: you need systems in place to incentivize repeat business.

Right now, you have some people who bought from you who are a “customer” because a transaction happened. But there’s a difference between a customer and a fan.

You want to go from transactional to relational.

Turn customers into life-long fans so they keep coming back for more.

When you get someone to know, like, and trust you, they go from a one-time-purchase customer to a loyal-for-life fan.

Write engaging copy people actually want to read.

For most businesses, copywriting is an afterthought. As long as there are some words on the page, that’s good enough, right?

While everyone is capable of becoming a great copywriter, you’re certainly not born a great copywriter.

Most people are terrible copywriters.

If you’re doing your own copywriting without proper copywriting training, you’re killing your sales.

Stop writing boring copy and putting your reader to sleep.

Your visitors are:

  • Falling asleep
  • Closing the tab
  • Hitting the back button
  • Leaving your website for good

Great copy keeps people on the page.

Great copy keeps them scrolling.

Great copy makes them feel like they HAVE to read the next thing.

When you have someone that engaged, they’re much more likely to buy.

Convert your visitors into paying customers and make more sales.

Can you imagine if every visitor was a customer? That would be incredible!

Most of your visitors aren’t customers though. They don’t open their wallets, they don’t make a purchase, and they don’t pay you.


You’re not speaking to them.

“Sure I am! I want them to buy.”

No, I know you want to, but what I mean is they don’t feel like you are! You’re not reading their mind.

The difference between a visitor and a customer is one of them gave you money.

Okay, that’s pretty obvious.

But why does one person give you their money while the other person doesn’t?

The person who gives you their money feels like you’re reading their mind.

If you’re guessing with your copy, you will lose the sale. You cannot guess at the right words. You have to know with certainty the words you write will resonate.

Avoid copywriting mistakes that cause you to lose sales.

One reason you don’t make sales is not knowing when to switch from content marketing to copywriting.

Or worse…

You don’t know the difference between content marketing and copywriting.

These are two different things with two very distinct jobs. If you mix them up, you will kill your sales.

You’ll write, and write, and write, and it just won’t matter. The sales won’t come.

You almost certainly have two sales-killers on every one of your product pages. These two words take the visitor out of the right frame of mind and cause them to not buy.

When you have either one of these two sales-killers, people think you’re charging too much. The sales-killers are so sneaky, you probably use them all the time without realizing you’re destroying your sales!

Learn the “Killer Headline Formula” to grab attention in a noisy world.

Your headline is the most important part of your content. If the headline doesn’t grab someone, they won’t continue reading.

Headlines are also used in many places:

  • Sales pages.
  • Social media posts.
  • Video titles.
  • Email subjects.
  • … and more.

Your headline has a big job to do, and if you don’t get the headline just right, all of your hard work will be wasted. It won’t matter how great the rest of your sales page is. It won’t matter how relevant the email body is. It won’t matter how valuable the video content is.

If your headline doesn’t get attention, it’s game over.

The secret “Killer Headline Formula” is plug-and-play. You can use it again and again in unique ways to guarantee you hook someone every time.

It will make people feel like they HAVE to click. They need to click…

…and you won’t have to resort to “clickbait”.

Create landing pages that actually convert.

If your landing pages don’t convert, then…

  • It doesn’t matter if you run ads.
  • It doesn’t matter if your content goes viral.
  • It doesn’t matter how much traffic your website gets.
  • It doesn’t matter if someone famous links to your product.

When you keep pouring water into a leaky bucket, it just disappears.

Your landing page needs to get people to take action.

If your landing page doesn’t make sales when you get traffic, STOP.

The first step is to fix your copy. You need a landing page that converts.

Before you invest in ads, before you invest in content production, before you invest in hiring and scaling…

Learn to write copy that turns visitors into customers.

Make money as a copywriter (sell your copywriting services).

Whether you sell your own products or not, once you learn the valuable skill of copywriting, you can use this skill to sell other people’s products.

Many businesses have a great product but struggle when it comes to copywriting. They don’t know how to write the right message to make sales. Their visitors don’t turn into customers. Their sales pages don’t convert.

When you learn to write effective sales copy, you become a rainmaker.

Not only can you sell your own products, but you can sell your copywriting services to other businesses.

Get hired as a copywriter.

Everyone loves the rainmaker. When you can enter a business with confidence and rewrite their copy so they actually make sales, you can bet they’re going to be happy.

Use your copywriting skills to increase the sales of other businesses and you will make money.

Whether you want to be a full-time copywriter or just make some extra money on top of what you make in your own business, the skill of effective copywriting will serve you for life.

Write epic email autoresponders and get people addicted to reading.

The problem with your email autoresponder is, well, it feels… automated.

Pretty quickly, people stop reading the emails you send. They’re certainly nowhere near addicted to reading them.

But with a few small tweaks, you can get people hooked on your emails opening them the instant they arrive in their inbox.

Your subscribers will read your entire email and eagerly await the next one.

  • Stop sounding like a robot.
  • Start sounding like a human.
  • Build loyalty with your subscribers.

When you learn to deliver the right message in your emails, you’ll increase trust with your readers.

As a result, you’ll make sales automatically without having to “sell” in a sleazy way.

Learn to package and position your products as must-buy options.

Learn how to craft an irresistible offer.

Transform your product offer from take-it-or-leave it to MUST-have.

Part of this is packaging, and part of this is positioning.

There is a specific number of packages that just works—and a magic pricing ratio that will maximize revenue.

Most people guess when it comes to packaging and pricing.

Guessing = leaving money on the table.

Learn to position your product as a no-brainer and make yourself immune to competition.

Supercharge Your Writing Master Class

Write with purpose and start making sales. Learn to write copy that sells, master the art of advancing people on the buyer’s journey, and move people to buying with your words.

Understand how to position your product or service as the obvious solution and DOMINATE. No more competing. This course will change the way you think about writing and sales forever.

Why You Need to Learn About Sales Before Writing

5 Video Lessons

  1. How to Make More Sales
  2. Finding Purpose for Your Writing
  3. You Don’t Need a Large Audience
  4. Making a Connection Between Writing and Sales
  5. The Right Words at the Right Time for the Right People
Positioning Your Product or Service as the Obvious Solution

4 Video Lessons

  1. Turning Features Into Benefits
  2. How to Market Yourself Without Feeling Awkward
  3. Narrowing Your Focus
  4. Positioning Yourself as the Obvious Solution
Getting Lifelong Customers Who Buy Again and Again

4 Video Lessons

  1. Defining Your Customer Avatar
  2. Selling to the Same Person at Different Levels
  3. Make Competitors Irrelevant
  4. Serving Customers for Life
The Buyer’s Journey

8 Video Lessons

  1. Understanding the Stages of the Buyer’s Journey
  2. How to Get People to Advance Stages
  3. Getting People to Notice You
  4. Getting People to Start Consuming Your Content
  5. Getting People to Apply Your Material and Receive Value
  6. Priming People to Buy
  7. Getting People to Make a Purchase
  8. The Stage Most People Forget That Brings TONS of Revenue
Developing a Content Strategy

4 Video Lessons

  1. Content Marketing vs. Copywriting
  2. Mapping Content to Stages of the Buyer’s Journey
  3. Mastering the Art of Repurposing Content
  4. Minimum Viable Content Strategy
Reading Minds With Your Content

4 Video Lessons

  1. How to Read Minds
  2. Using the Right Language
  3. 5 Places to Conduct Your Research
  4. The Perfect Welcome Email
Building a Writing Habit

5 Video Lessons

  1. Early Wake Daily Write
  2. Hyper Focus by Creating Associations
  3. 1,000 Words a Day
  4. Eliminating Writer’s Block
  5. Speeding Up Your Writing
Creating an Editorial Calendar

4 Video Lessons

  1. An Editorial Calendar That’s More Than a Schedule
  2. Making an Editorial Calendar for Weekly Output
  3. Staying Top of Mind With High-Frequency Output
  4. Selling Strategically With an Editorial Calendar
Writing Effective Headlines

4 Video Lessons

  1. The Importance of a Good Headline
  2. Why “Clickbait” Isn’t Always Bad
  3. Killer Headline Formula
  4. Why Your Headline Should Filter People Out
Skimmability and Writing for Short Attention Spans

4 Video Lessons

  1. How to Write for Internet Readers and Keep Their Attention
  2. Writing That Sells Isn’t Always Proper
  3. You’re Bolding the Wrong Things
  4. The Hidden Story Your Copy Needs to Tell
Copywriting That Sells

6 Video Lessons

  1. The Purpose of Copywriting
  2. Crafting a Powerful Value Proposition
  3. Defining the Problem Better Than the Prospect
  4. Don’t Make Copywriting Do Too Much of the Work
  5. How to Sell in Every Piece of Content
  6. The Two Words You Should Never Use
Landing Pages That Convert

8 Video Lessons

  1. Your Landing Page Video
  2. Smart Packaging
  3. Powerful FAQ
  4. Getting and Displaying Good Testimonials
  5. Positioning and Price Anchoring
  6. Signup Forms and Lead Magnets
  7. Creating Scarcity and Urgency
  8. Landing Page Critiques
Using Open Loops to Get Readers Addicted

4 Video Lessons

  1. Understanding Open Loops
  2. Nested Open Loops
  3. How to Use Open Loops Without Frustrating Your Readers
  4. The Magic of Pulling Instead of Pushing
Tips for Editing Your Own Writing

4 Video Lessons

  1. The Wrong Time to Edit
  2. Spotting Errors You Didn’t See Before
  3. Improving the Flow by Utilizing Your Hybrid Voice
  4. Editing Tips

Supercharge Your Writing

14 Modules, 68 Lessons


FREE with seanwes membership

We’ve sold Supercharge Your Writing by itself for many years, and you can still enroll in the standalone course for $997.

But to make things more affordable, we’ve decided to include access to this course for FREE with seanwes membership.

Becoming a member gives you instant access to the full course. This is not a payment plan: you are free to cancel at any time. Membership gives you instant access to ALL of our programs (valued at over $7,500).

seanwes membership

  • Access to ALL Courses ($5,000+ Value)
  • Training Resources ($2,500+ Value)
  • seanwes conference Videos ($699 Value)

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Get 5 Months FREE

  • Write effective headlines.
    Learn to summarize your content and tease it in a compelling headline that grabs people.
  • Craft effective landing pages.
    Break down and discover the anatomy of landing pages that convert.
  • Capture short attention spans.
    Tailor your writing to limited attention of internet readers and email inboxes.
  • Make your pages more readable.
    Break your posts and pages down into something that’s intentional, digestible, and easy to skim.
  • Edit your own writing.
    Get tips for auditing and critiquing your own writing even if you don’t like editing.
  • Sell without feeling awkward.
    Learn to use copywriting in a way that is natural and doesn’t feel awkward.
  • Implement a content strategy.
    No more spewing content everywhere without purpose. Get the outline of a proven roadmap.
  • Master the art of repurposing.
    Your content has so much more potential. Don’t reinvent the wheel—leverage that content!
  • Learn the secret of open loops.
    Get people addicted to your story. Never push people again. Pull them into your story.
  • Speed up your writing. Get tips, shortcuts, and optimized workflows for writing faster and more efficiently.

Money Back Guarantee

I believe strongly in the quality of Supercharge Your Writing and its ability to not only help you learn to write effective sales copy and substantially improve your professional career, but also make back 10X your investment.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into developing the materials and carefully refining them based on real-world feedback from professionals like you.

I confidently back the course with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. I want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without inhibition.

If you’re not satisfied, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money.

seanwes membership

  • Access to ALL Courses ($5,000+ Value)
  • Training Resources ($2,500+ Value)
  • seanwes conference Videos ($699 Value)

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Annual Membership


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What if You Finally Started Your Podcast?

You haven’t launched a podcast yet because you want everything to be perfect.

You haven’t started podcasting because you’re not sure if your show idea is good enough—or at least, that you could get it to the level of quality you think it deserves.

I get it.

Even though you really want to start podcasting, you’re holding yourself back. You’re worried it won’t be up to your standards at first. You don’t know if anyone will care. You don’t have any experience with recording or editing or mixing.

The whole process can feel overwhelming and confusing.

Let’s really think about this: Why haven’t you started?

  • Maybe you’ve lost sight of the big picture.
  • Maybe you don’t have a clear idea of where you’ll end up.
  • Maybe you aren’t sure you can get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Podcasting Doesn’t Have to Feel Overwhelming

If podcasting feels like a enormous task, you’re not alone.

A lot goes into podcasting. Sure, once you have everything set up with the right systems in place, it can be a breeze. But until you do, it can feel overwhelming.

Do you find yourself wondering…

  • Is my podcast topic is too broad or too niche?
  • What gear should I buy?
  • What is the right USB interface to use?
  • How do I get my podcast into iTunes?
  • How do I get guests for my show—especially the famous people I’d like to talk to?
  • Where do I even begin with recording?
  • How do I record multiple people in the same room?
  • How do I record guests in different locations?

Podcasting can feel like a daunting task if you’ve never recorded and edited audio before.

You may worry that it’s going to take too much time each week, or that you’ll have a hard time finding guests.

Is it even worth the effort?

You Need a Podcasting System

What I’ve learned is that the thing holding most people back is the lack of a system.

When you’re trying to do something new that you’ve never done before, you have to start from scratch, figure it all out yourself, and spend a bunch of time.

Wouldn’t it be so much easier to have someone by your side guiding you through the entire process, step by step?

What if you had easy-to-follow tutorials that show you exactly what you need to do PLUS dedicated time with a guide to answers any questions you had?

You could spend weeks or months trying to figure it all out by yourself. You could browse Youtube for hours, wasting time on poorly made tutorials. But what if you miss something? What if you make a mistake? What if you don’t find what you need?

What if you don’t want to waste your time?

You’re worried about how your podcast sounds, but what about the sound of crickets when your launch doesn’t go well?

Or worse: What if you never launch your podcast at all?

I think that would be a shame.

I believe you have a message worth sharing, and I don’t want you to waste your time.

That’s why I put together a step-by-step process that brings all of my years of professional experience together to give you everything you need to launch a successful podcast.

“If you’re looking to start a podcast or improve the one you’re already doing, Aaron Dowd is the guy to help you. He is friendly and approachable, and an amazing resource.”


Mike Stanley

Successful Podcasting Is That System

My name is Aaron Dowd. I’ve been helping people make podcasts since 2012. I kept seeing people struggling with the process, running into same problems over and over. After writing tutorials and working as a freelance podcast editor and producer for a few years, I decided to share everything I’d learned about making great podcasts.

Successful Podcasting is everything I’ve learned in my years of experience with podcasts and audio engineering crafted into one neat package.

This course will guide you through a step-by-step process for launching a successful podcast.

If you want to focus more on podcasting and less on procrastinating, this course is for you.

“Gosh I wish Aaron was around when I was just starting out and trying to find my way around in the dark. Aaron is a pro and knows this topic cold. Why didn’t he launch this earlier?”


Glenn Leibowitz

Who is Successful Podcasting for?

✅ If you HAVEN’T started your show, Successful Podcasting is for you!


✅ If you HAVE started your show, Successful Podcasting is for you!

But Is Successful Podcasting for ME?

If you can identify with ANY of the following, Successful Podcasting is for you.


  • Want to start a podcast.
  • Don’t know what your show should be about.
  • Have a show idea but you don’t know what gear to buy.
  • Already have a show and gear, but you want to take your sound to the next level.
  • Want to book interviews with amazing guests.
  • Have an amazing podcast but you want to learn how to edit episodes twice as fast.
  • Want to streamline the process so you can focus less on the technical stuff and more on making a great show.
  • Have a message to share but you struggle with finding the confidence to share it.
  • Feel confident about your podcast but you don’t feel like your audience is growing as fast as it should.
  • Are tired of digging through lots of different podcast tutorials and trying to fill in the gaps.
“Aaron’s talent for podcasting is all aces. He’s been a huge asset.”


Cameron Moll

Stop Procrastinating and Start Your Podcast Today!

If you want to be a confident podcaster with a great show, this course will help you get there. With Successful Podcasting, you’ll…

  • Get a step-by-step podcasting roadmap so you don’t ever feel stuck or confused again.
  • Learn which gear will give you professional sound without breaking the bank.
  • Get the confidence you need to launch your show.
  • Avoid the most common mistakes new podcasters make.
  • Get the guests you want for your podcast.
  • Attract new listeners to your podcast and grow your audience.
  • Streamline your recording process so you can produce episodes that sound great every time.
  • Edit your podcast quickly and save time.
  • Never run out of topic ideas again.
  • Learn to promote your show without feeling gross.
  • Make money with your podcast.

This course covers everything you need to know to create and launch a great podcast.

I’ll show you which microphone will give you the best sound quality for the money, how to record (and edit) multiple audio tracks, and how to get your podcast to sound as good as the professional podcasters.

I’ll also walk you through the steps of getting your podcast into iTunes, teach you how to grow a loyal and dedicated audience, how to improve your speaking voice and presentation, and so much more.

There’s no magic or rocket science involved in making a great podcast; it just takes a little know-how and the dedication to show up every week and make something awesome for your audience.

What’s Included With Successful Podcasting?

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s inside Successful Podcasting:

1. Planning Your Podcast

  • How to Choose Your Podcast Topic
  • Defining Your Audience
  • Writing a Podcast Description That Attracts New Listeners
  • Choosing a Title for Your Podcast
  • Podcast Cover Art
  • Planning Your First Ten Episodes
  • How Many Episodes Should I Launch With?
  • Choosing the Right Music For Your Podcast
  • Choosing a Format
  • Solo Shows
  • Round Table or Co-host
  • Interviews
  • Story / Narrative
  • Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Co-host
  • How Long Should My Podcast Be?

2. Choosing Gear

  • Microphones and Interfaces
  • Accessories
  • Recording Multiple People in the Same Room
  • Portable Podcasting Setup
  • Recording and Editing Software and Why I Use Logic Pro X
  • Soundboard App

3. Pre-Show Preparation

  • How to Write Outlines for New Episodes
  • Naming Your Episodes to Attract New Listeners
  • How to Invite Guests to Be On Your Podcast
  • How to Get Great Audio From Your Guests (Double Enders and Skype Calls)
  • Choosing a Room to Record In

4. Recording Shows

  • Setting Up Your Gear
  • Setting Up Your Recording Software
  • Setting Input Gain Levels
  • Using Proper Mic Technique
  • Making a Test Recording
  • My 12-Step Pre-Show Checklist

5. Post-Production and Show Notes

  • What Should I Edit Out of My Podcast?
  • Tagging MP3 Files
  • Tagging with Tagr
  • Tagging with iTunes
  • Why Show Notes Are Crucial for Your Podcast’s Success
  • How to Attract New Listeners with Great Show Notes
  • Introduction to Markdown
  • Converting Markdown into HTML
  • Websites and File Hosting

6. Publishing Your Podcast

  • Getting Your Show Into iTunes
  • Testing Your RSS Feed
  • Submitting Your RSS Feed to iTunes
  • Submitting Your RSS Feed to Google Play

7. Promoting Your Show

  • Social Media
  • Email Newsletters
  • How to Talk About Your Podcast in Person
  • Promoting Your Podcast on Youtube
  • Inviting Guests on Your Show
  • Being a Guest

8. Making Money with Podcasting

  • Products or Services
  • Paid Consulting
  • Affilate Marketing
  • Paid Online Communities
  • What About Ads or Donations?

9. Next Steps

  • Growing an Audience
  • Outsourcing/Hiring Help
  • How to Overcome the 20 Episode Hurdle
  • Improving Your Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Upgrading Gear and Sound
  • Managing Files and Finished Projects
  • Getting Into Video
  • Wrapping Up

Successful Podcasting

9 Modules, 64 Lessons


FREE with seanwes membership

We’ve sold Successful Podcasting by itself for many years, and you can still enroll in the standalone course for $699.

But to make things more affordable, we’ve decided to include access to this course for FREE with seanwes membership.

Becoming a member gives you instant access to the full course. This is not a payment plan: you are free to cancel at any time. Membership gives you instant access to ALL of our programs (valued at over $7,500).

seanwes membership

  • Access to ALL Courses ($5,000+ Value)
  • Training Resources ($2,500+ Value)
  • seanwes conference Videos ($699 Value)

Monthly Membership


Annual Membership


Get 5 Months FREE

Bonus: Logic Pro X for Podcasters ($199 Value)

Logic Pro X for Podcasters is a full-blown master class on Logic Pro X. It’s a course that I’ll also be selling separately for $199.

Having powerful software is one thing. But it can also be daunting.

You have two options: poke at the software, google around and try to find some tutorials, and hope to figure out what you need, OR…

Go through a course that will help you master Logic Pro X in a fraction of the time.

Included with Successful Podcasting is the full Logic Pro X for Podcasters course (a $199 Value). Here’s what’s inside:

1. Getting Started With Logic Pro X

  • Installing Logic
  • Overview of Logic
  • Zooming and Scrolling With a Trackpad or Mouse
  • Setting Up Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Recap and Short Demonstration

2. Recording Audio That Sounds Great

  • Why You Need Good Gear and a Quiet Room to Record In
  • Getting Your Interface Connected and Setting Up Tracks for Recording
  • Setting Input Gain Levels and Using Proper Mic Technique
  • Recording Skype Calls and Having Your Guests Record Locally

3. Setting Up a Podcast Project for Editing

  • Importing Audio Files
  • Adjusting Volume Levels With Automation
  • Splitting Split Stereo Tracks
  • Creating a Reusable Template for Your Podcast

4. Editing Podcasts Quickly

  • What Is Podcast Editing?
  • The Basics of Editing
  • Using Varispeed to Reduce Your Editing Time
  • Memorize These Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time
  • How to Drop Markers and Color-Code Regions
  • Watch Me Edit Podcasts
  • Watch Me Edit an Episode of Invisible Details
  • Watch Me Edit an Episode of Fired Up Mondays

5. Mixing and Mastering (How to Make Your Audio Sound Great)

  • Choosing the Right Headphones for Mixing and Mastering
  • How to Set Your Volume Level for Listening While Mixing and Mastering
  • Trust Your Ears (If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It)
  • Fixing Volume Differences in Tracks Before You Start Mixing
  • Intro to Plugins
  • Creating an Aux Track for Your Vocal Tracks (and Why It Matters)
  • Intro to EQ
  • Intro to Expander and Speech Enhancer (Background Noise Removal)
  • Intro to Compression
  • Intro to Limiting
  • Five Common Audio Issues and How to Fix Them
  • How to Make Your Podcast Loud Enough (Loudness Metering)
  • Mixing Male Vocals
  • Mixing Female Vocals

6. Exporting Audio

  • Exporting Stereo and Mono MP3 Files
  • Tagging MP3 Files
  • Next Steps

But that’s not all.

If you’re not ready to invest in and learn Logic Pro X, you’ll also get access to another mini-course that I created to help you learn GarageBand, Apple’s free audio recording and editing software:

Bonus: Podcasting with GarageBand ($99 Value)

  1. Recording Audio
  2. Creating Tracks and Importing Audio Files
  3. Introduction to Automation
  4. Editing Your Podcast
  5. Mixing, Mastering, and Making Your Tracks Sound Good
  6. Exporting an MP3 File and Creating a Template
  7. Tagging Your MP3 File
  8. Hosting Your Podcast
  9. Next Steps

I wanted to make sure that you have everything you need to produce a great podcast. Since learning recording software is one of the biggest challenges for new podcasters, I made these courses to help you save time and learn how to produce audio that sounds great every time.

I believe you have a message worth sharing, and I don’t want you to waste your time.

Successful Podcasting is everything I’ve learned about podcasting in one neat package. This course will guide you through a step-by-step process for launching a successful podcast.

Are you ready to get started?


Make a living as a hand lettering artist.

Join over 40,000 hand lettering artists who trust Learn Lettering.

Improve your lettering. Learn techniques for creating different styles of hand lettering and deliberate practice.

Grow an audience. Learn to increase your exposure and build a following who will purchase products from you.

Make a living. Learn how to price on value, market your services, & attract the kind of clients that pay well.

Now is the Time to Learn Hand Lettering

Hand lettering is currently experiencing a massive resurgence. Over 675,000 people have read my introductory lettering guide in just the past few years. Since 2007, searches for “hand lettering” have increased 1000%.

It’s no surprise you’re here!

Hand lettering is booming right now. Hand lettering is selling all kinds of products like prints and t-shirts and clients want it too.

As the world gets increasingly digital and automated, we find ourselves yearning for the hand-made and the authentic. We want to be reminded that there is a human with a soul behind the designs we see!

  • Companies know that people love hand lettering.
  • They want to use hand lettering to attract attention.
  • These companies need to hire you to create hand lettering.
  • You need to know how to approach pricing if you want to make money.
“After this class, my confidence soared through the roof.”


Chai Jeffery
Master Class Student

FREE Learn Lettering Video Lesson

Learn Lettering is Trusted by Thousands

Since 2014, thousands have purchased the Learn Lettering class and now it gets even better.

Learn Lettering 2.0 is fully reproduced videos and all-new modules with 50% more lessons! I’ve gone through hundreds of emails from hand letterers like you sharing their biggest struggles, and as a result I’ve completely re-engineered the course. Learn Lettering 2.0 is tailored to the most important things you need to learn.

Join tens of thousands of hand lettering artists in taking the all-new Learn Lettering Starter Class. It’s jam-packed with modules on typographic terms, deliberate practice, in-depth lessons on drawing letters, hand lettering digitization, and more.

Learn Lettering has been a roadmap to grow my passion for lettering into a sustainable freelance business.
“I would recommend this to anybody serious about making a living as a letterer.”

Dane Gonzalez
Master Class Student

Stop Practicing the Slow Way

When I first got into hand lettering, there wasn’t very much out there in terms of hand lettering classes. I had to search all over the place and piece together information just to educate myself.

I didn’t know that I was practicing the slow way. I didn’t even know there was a right kind of practice to get better faster.

I don’t want it to be like that for you. That’s why I created Learn Lettering to show you exactly how to practice, step-by-step so you don’t have to guess.

I’ve seen huge results in my audience growth from applying Sean’s techniques and teachings.
My Instagram account has grown from a modest 150 followers to over 3,000 in just the first year.
That number has more than doubled in just the past 3 months
(Update: Now over 16,000 followers.)

Terence Tang
Master Class Student

You’re not just learning how to draw letters.

You’re getting a contextual education that equips you with the skills to create, and the business knowledge to succeed.

Techniques + Practical Application

Yes, the course covers the many facets of a lettering artist’s workflow, including techniques for creating different styles of hand lettering and methods for producing deliverable vectors.

But here’s why Learn Lettering is unique: I don’t merely impart tips and tricks—I show you how to make a living at lettering as a career.

I have 10 years of design and business experience. My podcast episodes on business, marketing, and design professionalism have been downloaded over a million times. The business courses in the Master Class help you understand the how and the why behind lettering as a career.

You’ll learn the skills you need and how to put them into practice with clients through comprehensive overviews of professional process and workflow.

My audience has grown by over 420% in less than a year!
I would highly recommend the class, even if you aren’t a letterer.

Kyle Adams
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Bridging the Gap Between Art & Business

You are an artist. You have a creative spirit and a desire to create beautiful things. You make compelling art and you love captivating people with your work and sharing a message.

  • You know that your art has the power to sell, but you just don’t know where to start.
  • You didn’t go to school for business and what business you’ve picked up isn’t really relevant to the online world.

The Learn Lettering Master Class bridges the gap between lettering techniques and real-world application.

You’ll learn the practical business knowledge you need to succeed as an artist. You’ll get access to modules on finding clients that pay well, learning to communicate with clients to prevent problems, design contracts and licensing (with templates), selling physical products, pricing on value, and teaching hand lettering.

It’s rare for artists to be business-savvy and most business people aren’t artistically creative. Learn Lettering is a rare hybrid of art and business training that will help make you well-rounded and ready to attract the right kind of clients and price on value with confidence.

I appreciated the very solid and practical exercises that the class walks you through.
No quick fixes, just expert advice that has to be followed up by practice.

Tim Brown
Master Class Student

Learn Lettering Master Class

You will not find another hand lettering class like this. The Learn Lettering Master Class is a contextual education that is not just showing you how to draw letters, but giving you the confidence to work with clients and pursue lettering as a career.

I take you behind the scenes on exact exchanges with clients, I give you contract templates, I teach you how to price with confidence, I share insights on selling and marketing products so you don’t launch to crickets. Learn to uncover the selling power of your work.

Typographic Terms & Deliberate Practice

5 Video lessons | 43 min

  1. The Anatomy of Type
  2. Choosing Harmonious Styles
  3. Drawing Inspiration from Typefaces
  4. Deliberate Practice (Part A)
  5. Deliberate Practice (Part B)
How to Draw Three Common Hand Lettering Styles

16 Video lessons | 1 hr, 38 min

  1. Drawing Sans-Serif – Capitals (Parts A-D)
  2. Drawing Sans-Serif – Lowercase (Parts A-D)
  3. Drawing Serif – Capitals (Parts A & B)
  4. Drawing Serif – Lowercase (Part A & B)
  5. Drawing Script – Capitals (Part A & B)
  6. Drawing Script – Lowercase (Part A & B)
Digitizing Hand Lettering

5 Video lessons | 1 hr, 19 min

  1. Digitally Preparing Sketches
  2. Creating Organic-Style Vectors
  3. Editing Vectors
  4. Creating Precise Vectors with Shapes
  5. Creating Precise Vectors with the Pen Tool
Hand Lettering Tools in Use

4 Video lessons | 27 min

  1. Lead Holders
  2. Microns
  3. Brush Pens
  4. Watercolor Brush Pens
Mastering the Art of Letterspacing

4 Video lessons | 25 min

  1. Applying Kerning Principles to Lettering
  2. Volumes of Negative Space
  3. Planning Out Lettering for Even Spacing
  4. Preventing & Recognizing Spacing Problems
How to Design Strong Compositions

4 Video lessons | 43 min

  1. Dissecting Sentences
  2. Making Thumbnail Concepts
  3. Applying Lettering Styles
  4. Creating the Composition
Creating Original Artworks With Precision

3 Video lessons | 32 min

  1. The Case for Originals
  2. Creating the Concept Template
  3. Transferring Designs to the Canvas
Designing Custom Type Logos

4 Video lessons | 28 min

  1. Logo Design Questionnaire
  2. Concept Sketching
  3. Logo Design Vectorization
  4. Refining the Vector Concept
Finding Clients

4 Video lessons | 38 min

  1. How to Attract More Attention
  2. Defining the Right Type of Client
  3. Getting the Clients That Pay Well
  4. Common Red Flags to Watch Out For
Client Communication

4 Video lessons | 16 min

  1. Preliminary Discussion
  2. Preventing Problems Before They Happen
  3. Setting Expectations & Establishing Responsibilities
  4. Crafting the Presentation
Pricing on Value

4 Video lessons | 26 min

  1. Full Price or Free
  2. Uncovering Value to the Client
  3. How to Price With Confidence
  4. The True Value of a Logo
Understanding & Writing Design Contracts

4 Video lessons | 17 min

  1. Starting with Plain English
  2. Understanding the Terms
  3. Payments, Deadlines, & Deliverables
  4. Using the Contract Template
  5. Streamlining Contract Delivery & Getting Paid
Selling Physical Products

3 Video lessons | 19 min

  1. What Products Should You Start With?
  2. Marketing Physical Products
  3. Promoting Products Without Discounting
  4. Increasing Revenue
The Selling Power of Licensing

4 Video lessons | 33 min

  1. Introduction to Licensing
  2. Understanding the Terms
  3. Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive Rights
  4. Breaking Down Royalties & Advances
Teaching Hand Lettering

4 Video lessons | 20 min

  1. Building an Audience for Teaching
  2. Three Ways to Make Money Teaching
  3. Marketing for Maximum Sales
  4. How to Price

Learn Lettering

15 Modules, 75 Lessons


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I’ve gotten more client inquires, higher paying gigs and more respect.
This class is digestible, value packed and most importantly, entertaining.

Dina Rodriguez
Master Class Student

Money Back Guarantee

I believe strongly in the quality of Learn Lettering to not only substantially increase your lettering skills, but also make you back 10x your investment.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into consolidating a gold mine of knowledge that will enable you to make a living as a lettering artist. I confidently back it with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

I want you to dive in deep and experience the full wealth of this resource without inhibition. If you’re not satisfied, just contact us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund your money.


I’m just starting out. Is Learn Lettering for me?

Yes! You’re in a fantastic spot! Even if you’re just starting out, the Master Class is going to be tremendously helpful.

Rather than learn how to fix problems you’ve already made, you’ll learn how to completely avoid all kinds of problems in the first place. The Master Class will prepare you for business in the most practical ways. Everything from client work, to pricing, to creating, selling, and marketing physical products, and teaching.

How do I watch the lessons? Can I watch at my own pace?

Yes! When you purchase a class you’ll create an account that will grant you immediate access to all courses and lessons within. We’ll keep track of your progress server-side as you complete each course so you can pick up where you left off at any time, even on a different device!

Will this class help me get better at hand lettering by showing the right way to practice?

Yes! You have two options: you can get better the slow way or you can get better the fast way. There is no substitute for practice, but there is a right kind of practice that will help you improve the fast way.

In this course I show you how to practice in a purposeful way that will have a significant impact on your skills and avoid wasting time.

Get more clients and find your professional focus.

Work with dream clients and start getting paid on time every single time.

Find your focus and learn how to position yourself to attract the best clients and make the most money.

Get more clients by creating your client attraction pipeline so you never experience “feast or famine”.

Download contract templates that take the guesswork out of legal terms so you can work with confidence.

Get more clients now.

Get more clients now.

Right now, you don’t know where to begin with client work.

  • Where do I find clients?
  • What should my unique selling proposition be?
  • Should I use a contract?
  • How do I get clients to pay me?
  • What business structure should I use?

You have skills, and you know you can provide a valuable service, but you feel bogged down by the logistics.

This is where everyone starts. Everyone feels like they don’t know what they’re doing at the beginning.

You have two paths forward:

  1. Figure it out as you go (this involves making mistakes, learning things the hard way, wasting years of time, and leaving money on the table).
  2. Learn from someone who’s done it successfully (I recommend the second approach).

I chose Path #1 when I started in client services well over a decade ago. I didn’t have a mentor, and online courses weren’t a thing yet.

I had to learn things the slow way by making mistakes—and boy, did I make a LOT of mistakes.

The mistakes I made caused a lot of problems (maybe you recognize some of them):

  • Feast and famine.
    • I didn’t know how to get clients. I only knew how to get lucky. When I got a random client by chance, I made some money. When clients didn’t knock on my door, I ate ramen noodles.
  • Working with bad clients.
    • The clients I worked with in the early days were bad enough to almost make me want to quit. They pushed me around, told me what to do, and made me make changes until they were happy.
  • Getting underpaid.
    • When I first started out, I didn’t make much money. That’s understandable, because I was new. But even years into honing my craft, I wasn’t able to make much money and still struggled. I didn’t know how to price.
  • Not getting paid at all.
    • In some of the worst cases, the clients wouldn’t pay at all. I’d send the invoice and wait. Then I’d wait some more. Waiting turned to hoping. Hoping turned to desperation. Desperation gave way to despair.
  • Having no consistent process.
    • Sometimes things went well, but I had no solid process to follow. That meant I couldn’t repeat the successes I had. Worse, it meant I was doomed to repeat the failures.

If you don’t recognize any of the above problems, that’s good news because you must have just started! That means I can help you avoid these problems before they happen. This doesn’t have to be a picture of your future.

Find your professional focus.

I felt like I was floundering about in those early days. I was trying to do everything. Any job that came along, I would just say “Yes!” I was desperate, and I needed the money.

The problem was: I wasn’t able to find my focus. I didn’t understand fortune was in the focus (or the “riches were in the niches”).

Right now, you’re a generalist, but people want to hire specialists.

But here’s the trouble: what should you focus on? How specific should you go? How do you know when you’ve niched down too far?

These thoughts paralyzed me, so I continued to take on whatever jobs I could get as a generalist. I felt aimless. I wasn’t able to make a lot of money until much later when I understood the power of finding my focus.

It wasn’t until years later that I learned about the business basics needed to understand how to get the kind of clients that pay well. Had I known these business basics, I wouldn’t have wasted so many years spinning my wheels.

Land the job and close the deal.

Land the job and close the deal.

Sure, I was able to take on the cheap jobs pretty easily. There wasn’t much of a problem getting work that I wasn’t too thrilled about.

But years later, a prospective client approached with a killer project. It was MASSIVE would be incredibly lucrative. It took everything I could to contain my excitement.

I wanted this job. It was going to pay thousands. No, tens of thousands.

Coming from my humble beginnings of charging $35/hr (when I could get it), this was incredible. I’d worked my way up over many years to charging hundreds, and even thousands of dollars in some cases, but TENS of thousands? My eyes were dollar signs like in the cartoons.

You’re not going to believe what happened next.

The client was actually really impressed with the proposal and the quality of work, but they chose someone else who charged more.


I couldn’t believe it.

The job slipped through my fingers. Here I was thinking this was a HUGE job that was going to be amazing, and this way of thinking was the very thing that kept me from landing it. I thought tens of thousands was really big, but it was actually so small to the client, they didn’t take it seriously. They went with someone else who charged more because they assumed they knew what they were doing.

I was devastated.

I didn’t know how to land the job and close the deal.

I learned a lot, but it had taken me so long to get to this point. Every lesson I learned was hard-fought. I had to learn the hard way by making mistakes (which meant learning the slow way).

What I should have done is tried to learn from other people’s mistakes—people who had been there, done that.

Get paid on time every time.

I wince to think of how much money I lost because I didn’t know the Simple 4-Step Method for Getting Paid on Time Every Time.

I didn’t know how to do business properly. I was taken advantage of at every turn because I was uneducated. I was simply never taught.

I thought the way it worked was you say “yes” to any job you can get (because you’re desperate), do the work, send the invoice, and then pray the client pays you. If they don’t, you follow up… and follow up… and follow up…

…and then eventually cry because the client never pays you.

Isn’t that how it goes? And then you go on Twitter and complain about your client and get likes on your tweet and you at least feel a little bit better, right? Right?!

It took me years to learn how to get paid consistently, every single time.

I wasted years not getting paid for work I did.

Shouldn’t it be illegal for clients to not pay you for work you did? Probably, but you can be sure they’re not going to do anything about it.

Only you can protect yourself and guarantee you get paid 100% of the time. You have to look out for yourself and implement the Simple 4-Step Method for Getting Paid on Time Every Time.

Follow a bulletproof process.

Follow a bulletproof process.

I can’t tell you how much I would have paid to look over the shoulder of someone who had worked successfully with clients just to see how they did it.

  • Where do they find clients?
  • How do they get clients on board with their decisions?
  • How do they avoid getting micromanaged?
  • What does their process look like?
  • How do they make sure they actually get paid?

It would have saved me so much pain.

I could have enjoyed my work for all of those years had I followed a bulletproof process.

You don’t have a process unless it’s written down.

I sure didn’t have any written process. I had no idea what I was doing. I played it all by ear and guessed at every step. If things went bad, I didn’t know why. If I was lucky enough for things to go well, I had no idea how to repeat success.

I couldn’t avoid the nightmare situations. I kept experiencing the same problems over and over. I was doomed to repeat my failures.

That’s enough to discourage anyone from working in client services for good!

It’s no wonder you might be scared, confused, or worried.

They don’t teach you how to work with clients in school.

If they do, it’s none of the practical stuff you actually need to survive.

You need to understand things like:

  • Your client attraction pipeline.
  • An understanding of business basics.
  • How to communicate with clients.
  • How to price your services.
  • How to write a process.
  • Contract terms.

Speaking of contract terms…

Download time-tested contract templates.

Inside the Client Work Essentials class, I give you actual downloads of my contract templates.

These are time-tested, lawyer-vetted contract templates.

You’d have to pay a lawyer hundreds of dollars per hour to make you something like this. Instead, you get instant access to not only a downloadable template but also a video guide that walks you through each step of how to customize the template for your use.

I take you through section by section of the contract and explain the terms in plain English so you actually understand your own contract. Since you’ll understand the contract terms, you can also explain things to your client if they ask questions.

I started doing client work over a decade ago. You can bet I made a lot of mistakes in the early days, but I never made the same mistake twice. My goal now is to make sure you never make the mistakes even once.

Every time I encountered a problem, I patched the holes in these contracts and processes.

These contracts work and they’ll protect you so you can focus on doing great work.

Talk to clients with confidence.

Know the right things to say when talking with a client. Have confidence you can deliver what your client needs and communicate effectively.

You’ll learn:

  • What to say when a client first approaches you.
  • How to ask the right questions to find great clients.
  • When to move on to the next stage of your process.
  • How to get powerful testimonials from your clients.

Avoid saying the wrong things and backing yourself into a corner.

When you know what to say, and when to say it, you’ll be able to speak to clients with confidence and communicate clearly.

You will feel total confidence.

Course Content
  • Module 1: Getting Started
    • Lesson 1: Setting Clear Goals
    • Lesson 2: Narrowing Your Focus
    • Lesson 3: Understanding Your Financial Situation
    • Lesson 4: Starting Your Business
    • Lesson 5: Adopting a Professional Mindset
  • Module 2: Creating Your Process
    • Lesson 1: Defining Your Ideal Client
    • Lesson 2: Avoiding Scarcity Mindset
    • Lesson 3: Identifying Red Flags
    • Lesson 4: Establishing a Process
    • Lesson 5: Communicating Effectively
  • Module 3: Contracts, Payment & Work
    • Lesson 1: Pricing Your Work
    • Lesson 2: Writing Your Contract
    • Lesson 3: Presenting a Proposal
    • Lesson 4: Getting Paid On Time
    • Lesson 5: Doing the Work
  • Module 4: Getting More Clients
    • Lesson 1: How-To Guide: Attracting Clients
    • Lesson 2: Creating Compelling Case Studies
    • Lesson 3: Getting Testimonials
    • Lesson 4: Over Delivering
    • Lesson 5: Transitioning to Full Time Client Work

Client Work Essentials


FREE with seanwes membership

We’ve sold Client Work Essentials by itself for many years, and you can still enroll in the standalone course for $499.

But to make things more affordable, we’ve decided to include access to this course for FREE with seanwes membership.

Becoming a member gives you instant access to the full course. This is not a payment plan: you are free to cancel at any time. Membership gives you instant access to ALL of our programs (valued at over $7,500).

seanwes membership

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  • Training Resources ($2,500+ Value)
  • seanwes conference Videos ($699 Value)

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Build a writing habit in 30 days.

A 30-day program to writing consistently and turning overthinking into action.

Find your voice and develop a unique style that blends your natural speaking voice with your writing voice.

Write consistently and follow a reliable writing system for producing consistent results every day.

Double your writing speed and write twice as fast with simple tricks for increasing your output.

Build a writing habit in 30 days.

When you have a daily writing habit, you become an unstoppable force.

You know you should write, but you just don’t get around to doing it. It’s time to change that.

One of the most valuable things you can do for your career is build a writing habit.

Everything you want to do starts with writing.

Writing is the fuel for all other mediums:

  • Want to make a film? Write.
  • Want to sell products? Write.
  • Want to record a song? Write.
  • Want to author a book? Write.
  • Want to present a speech? Write.
  • Want to produce a podcast? Write.
  • Want to teach an online course? Write.
  • Want to shoot a compelling video? Write.

What if you finally wrote that book?

What if you finally launched that course?

Write consistently and stay on track.

You’ve tried to build a writing habit before. You wrote for a while but then you fell off the bandwagon.

Why is it so hard to write consistently?

You know if you had a regular writing practice it would boost your career, but you can’t seem to get it to stick.

Maybe you feel like this:

Setting aside time every day to write and sticking to it is difficult.”

So long as writing is a thing you “try” to do every day whenever you can, you’re going to have trouble.

You need a reliable writing system so you can produce consistent results.

Hey, you on the fence. If you’ve ever wanted to fix shortcomings you THINK you have as a writer or communicator, you should check out 30 Days to Better Writing.

Having a regular time each day to listen to your thoughts and practice putting them into words is a solid practice we don’t refine anymore.

The courses you took when you were in school aren’t going to help you go the extra mile to publish what you want to publish. Do something about it now, and do it with something that will get you results.

30 Days to Better Writing. That’s one month, thirty minutes each day. It’s doable. I did it and I love doing it so much I’m going to do it several times over.

Jenny Famularcano
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Overcome resistance and eliminate writer’s block.

Which is harder: actually sitting down to write or getting words on the page?

Trick question—they’re both difficult.

Some say “starting is half the battle,” but even if that’s true, there’s still the other half of the battle!

Even if you finally manage to sit down to write, facing the blinking cursor on a blank page is daunting.

It’s so easy to put off writing for later, but you know how it goes: “later” becomes “never”, and then you don’t write.

Procrastination will ensure you never get words on the page.

You know you should write, but you don’t. You feel stuck and don’t know where to begin even trying to build a writing habit.

Then there’s your chronic case of perfectionism. It’s a challenge to get words out of your head and, when you do, they’re the wrong words.

You wish you could come up with the right words.

“When I write, the words don’t sound like myself.”

Do you ever look at your writing and think, “Who wrote that?”

It’s like you have two different selves. If you read what you wrote out loud, it sounds completely foreign.

Who even is this? It sounds nothing like me.

You wish you could write as naturally as you talk. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could read what you wrote and have it sound like you’re speaking naturally?

You know the solution is to “write like you talk” (I call it your “hybrid voice”), but how in the world do you write like you talk?

Part of the problem is not knowing the right way to practice, but it’s also not knowing what to talk about.

30 days and 46,470 words later, writing became something that I do everyday, instead of a task on my calendar. This habit grew my audience, my business, and myself as a person.

I am confident you will profit from this course.

Robin Cuypers
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

No idea what to write about?

The cursor blinks on the blank page as if it were tapping impatiently.

Come on… don’t you have anything to say?

You felt inspired in a general sense, but now that you’ve sat down to write, nothing is happening. You’re coming up with nothing. Your mind feels blank.

This is ridiculous. Why is writing so hard? Why do I have nothing to say the moment I sit down to write?

How is it you can feel inspired and still be unable to write a single word?

It’s so frustrating.

At this point, you wish someone else would just tell you what to write about. At least then you’d have clear direction.

Nothing valuable to say?

There are plenty of reasons to write, but there are just as many reasons keeping you paralyzed:

  • Who are you to say?
  • Who will listen to you?
  • You know you’re just an imposter.
  • Are you even writing the right things?
  • You don’t know what you’re talking about.
  • There are many people who know more than you.

With messages like those going through your head, do you even stand a chance?

These thoughts aren’t true, but they can still hold you back.

In a world of billions of people, it can feel like you don’t have anything valuable to say, that your ideas aren’t original, and your contribution doesn’t matter.

This course is about so much more than writing. It’s about teaching yourself to do something that feels big and hard in a series of small practical steps.

By the end, you’ll have more confidence in your writing, a host of new tools in your toolkit, and a heck of a lot more practice than you did before. Sometimes improving something is just about putting in the reps, and this course will teach you how to make sure you do – but with good form too.

This course has changed my life. The ripple effect of doing this work has touched nearly every area of my life, almost effortlessly.

Within a week of starting this, I stopped working nights, resting better, and spending more time with my family. I get more done in less time and I’m happier. Oh – and I write better and more often too.

I’m much more productive. I’m putting out new content weekly, I’ve outlined a course, I have finally done things that took me months or longer to deal with before. I no longer feel so precious about every piece of content I put out.

Content buffer for the first time in my life? Check. Weekly blog posts? Check. Literally hundreds of content ideas? Check. A bunch of ways to get myself un-stuck, should I ever feel stuck again? Check.

It seems silly to say that the 30 Days to Better Writing course changed my life, and changed more than my writing when it’s about writing, but that’s what it has done.

Total words written: 31,090

Lynne Somerman
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Find your own unique voice.

Does your writing feel authentically you or more like you’re writing in someone else’s voice?

Over time, you’ll develop a more natural style of writing that feels unique to you. But it won’t happen automatically. There are purposeful ways to fuse your natural speaking voice with your writing voice.

When you learn how to develop your unique voice, you’ll finally feel like yourself and the words you write will look like your own.

You’ll no longer feel like you’re writing in someone else’s voice.

Introducing 30 Days to Better Writing.

This writing course has helped hundreds of students build a writing habit in 30 days.

This course will take the thinking out of building a writing habit.

Read a short lesson each day and follow the writing prompts. It’s that simple.

Writing has never been this easy.

It’s like magic. You didn’t know you had it in you, but suddenly you’re writing every single day!

  • Read the lesson (less than 5 minutes).
  • Follow the prompt (write for 20 minutes).
  • Take the quiz (solidify what you learned).

Give me 30 days, and I’ll give you a writing habit.

Are you up to the challenge?

Since taking 30 Days to Better Writing, the clarity of my thoughts has improved dramatically. It’s given me better direction for my design and photography business.

Having more clarity allows me to focus more on the task at hand. This stronger ability to focus allows me to generate better quality ideas.

Lastly, writing has actually helped me become more extroverted in social situations. I am naturally an introvert, so I often struggle to get my ideas across when I’m engaging with an extrovert. But, writing every day has helped my thought process so much that I am now able to better articulate my thoughts with more extroverted personalities.

The results I’ve seen:

  • Clarity of thoughts has improved
  • Better quality of ideas
  • More clearly defined direction in life
  • Thought process has become more goal focused
  • Easier to articulate my ideas in social situations
  • My ability to focus has increased

I would definitely recommend 30 Days to Better Writing and I have already recommended it to multiple people. 30 Days to Better Writing will give you the clarity and focus you need to accomplish your goals.

Total words written: 26,075

Justin Hernandez
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Follow a proven structure for writing consistently.

I regularly see students write 30,000, 40,000, 50,000 or more words as a result of going through the 30 Days to Better Writing course.

This is the kind of program you can go through again and again. Many students continue their daily writing habit for a year or longer. Others come back to take the course again when they’ve fallen out of their writing habit. It’s a great tool to get you back on track any time you need it.

It’s easy:

  • 30 days
  • 30 lessons
  • 30 minutes a day

Decide to make writing a priority. If you can set aside 30 minutes per day, I’ll take care of the rest. Trust the process, and in one month you’ll have a solid writing foundation.

Get 5 months of content in 5 minutes.

This is not a typo. I teach you my powerful method for generating 5 months’ worth of content in only 5 minutes.

This incredible method will enable you to create multi-part series spanning months at a time in just a few minutes. This works for:

  • Videos
  • Blog posts
  • Podcast episodes
  • Social media posts
  • Email newsletters

…and just about any kind of content you create.

No more scrambling at the last moment to finish your post.

No more late writing the night before your next post is due to publish.

Get ahead and get on top of things. Soon, you’ll be back in control.

This course will change your life. 30 Days to Better Writing is primarily about developing a writing habit, but I’ve found as I’ve shown up every day and committed to writing, I can do this with any other habit in my life.

30 Days to Better Writing has been so fantastic for me. It has helped me clarify my vision and goals for my work, find what to write about, develop ideas for courses, books, emails, blog posts, podcasts and so much more.

This course provides you tools to form good habits, and good habits can change your life.

My list now has topics for a solid month out of where I’m writing. I’ll never run out of topics to write ever again!

Now that I’ve finished this 30 days and successfully developed a writing habit, I feel confident that I can start other habits that may not even have anything to do with writing. This course helped me see that. I’ve also really pressed into writing being the source of everything. I now find myself taking time to write more before starting other projects. This gives me a better start and helps me form more concrete ideas before I begin.

Total words written: 40,030

Alex Sawyer
30 Days to Better Writing Testimonial

Double your writing speed—write twice as fast.

You have some bad habits you’re not even aware of that slow you down. Don’t worry, almost everyone does.

But once you’re aware of these bad habits (I share some tools and tricks for getting rid of them), your writing speed will go through the roof!

Here’s the crazy part:

You’ll write faster without increasing your typing speed.

You don’t have to be a fast typist to double your writing speed. I’ll show you how to remove the speed bumps from your writing process so you can write twice as fast.

Stop procrastinating and start writing today.

You know writing is the key to accelerating your business, your life, and your career. You understand the power of a consistent writing habit.

It’s just that you haven’t solved your procrastination.

This isn’t going to fix itself. You won’t magically wake up one day to find yourself writing.

Something has to happen. Something different.

You’re not going to write unless you make a change.

Get a solid writing structure in place. Commit to completing 30 Days to Better Writing and turn overthinking into action.

Don’t hit snooze and end up in the same place 30 days from now: no words written, discouraged, and unproductive.

Start today. Set aside just 30 minutes per day and you can have 30,000 words (or more) written by this time next month.

Course Content

Getting Started With Writing
  • Day 1: It All Starts With Writing
  • Day 2: Why You Don’t Have to Come Up With The Right Words
  • Day 3: Early Wake Daily Write
  • Day 4: Reading Minds With Your Content
  • Day 5: Creating an Editorial Calendar Easily
  • Day 6: Never Run Out of Topics Again
  • Day 7: Your First Blog Post
Improving Your Writing
  • Day 8: 1,000 Words a Day
  • Day 9: Eliminating Distractions
  • Day 10: Speed Up Your Writing and Find Your Flow
  • Day 11: Write Poorly (That’s a Command)
  • Day 12: The Focus Triangle
  • Day 13: Trouble Rambling Too Much or Not Elaborating Enough?
  • Day 14: Write Shorter Sentences
  • Day 15: Let Me Be Very Clear
  • Day 16: Use Simple Words
  • Day 17: Show Don’t Tell
  • Day 18: Develop Your Hybrid Voice
  • Day 19: Using Dictation to Write With Your Voice
Sharing Your Writing Online
  • Day 20: Personal Journaling or Public Blogging?
  • Day 21: Writing for the Short Attention Span of Internet Readers
  • Day 22: How to Write Headlines People Will Actually Click
  • Day 23: How to Sell in Everything You Write
  • Day 24: How Long Should Your Writing Be (Ideal Word Count)?
  • Day 25: How to Repurpose Your Writing
  • Day 26: Writing for a While and Not Seeing Results
  • Day 27: The Basics of Online Publishing
  • Day 28: Creating a Lead Magnet Fast
  • Day 29: Resources to Improve Your Writing
  • Day 30: Supercharge Your Writing

30 Days to Better Writing


FREE with seanwes membership

We’ve sold 30 Days to Better Writing by itself for many years, and you can still enroll in the standalone course for $99.

But to make things more affordable, we’ve decided to include access to this course for FREE with seanwes membership.

Becoming a member gives you instant access to the full course. This is not a payment plan: you are free to cancel at any time. Membership gives you instant access to ALL of our programs (valued at over $7,500).

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seanwes membership

  • Access to ALL Courses ($5,000+ Value)
  • Training Resources ($2,500+ Value)
  • seanwes conference Videos ($699 Value)

Monthly Membership


Annual Membership


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Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Automation

Get started with email marketing and make sales on auto-pilot.

Advanced List Building Strategies

Advanced List Building Strategies

Simple and effective ways to take your email list from 0 to 1,000.

Course Creation Workshop

Course Creation Workshop

Don’t reinvent the wheel: get your course up and running in no time.

How to Get Customers To Your Local Business With Facebook Ads

How to Get Customers To Your Local Business With Facebook Ads

Learn to attract the right people to your business with Facebook Ads.

Build Your Sales Funnel

Build Your Sales Funnel

Learn how to go from prospect to lead to paying customer with sales funnels.

Productivity Workflows

Productivity Workflows

Become more productive and develop workflows to increase your efficiency.

How to Overcome Creative Block

How to Overcome Creative Block

Get your mind unstuck and keep progressing on your work.

Pricing and Packaging

Pricing and Packaging

Learn effective strategies for pricing and packaging your products.

4 Keys to Growing an Audience

4 Keys to Growing an Audience

An additional training on increasing authority, selling more products, and building community.

How to Get Customers Without Paying for Advertising

How to Get Customers Without Paying for Advertising

Learn to get more customers without paying for ads and breaking the bank..

How to Repurpose Your Content Like a Pro

How to Repurpose Your Content Like a Pro

Learn to get more mileage out of the content you’ve already made.

How to Attract High Value Clients

How to Attract High Value Clients

How to get the clients that pay well, pay on time, and are a joy to work with.

Build a Writing Habit and Supercharge Your Business

Build a Writing Habit and Supercharge Your Business

Tips on improving your writing speed and supercharging your business.

Launching an Online Course

Launching an Online Course

Teaching what you know, providing value, and keep the sales going.

Double Revenue and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Double Revenue and Take Your Business to the Next Level

Get six months of expenses in the bank and sell more of what you sell.

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Combining Focus and Writing to Do Your Best Work

Combining Focus and Writing to Do Your Best Work

50 Things My Dad Never Taught Me About Blogging

Find Your Tribe

Find Your Tribe

4 Ways to Find and Interact With Your Community

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

Positioning Yourself as an Expert

How to Become the Go-to Person in Your Industry

Producing High Quality Videos on a Consistent Schedule

Producing High Quality Videos on a Consistent Schedule

From Zero to an Audience of Tens of Thousands

Maintaining Professionalism in the Creative World

Maintaining Professionalism in the Creative World

Learn to Demand the Respect You Deserve From Clients

Growing From $10k to $100k in Product Revenue

Growing From $10k to $100k in Product Revenue

How to Grow Your Digital Products Business to Six Figures

Balancing Work and Family Life With a Creative Pursuit

Balancing Work and Family Life With a Creative Pursuit

Why Balance Is Not the Goal (And Better Questions to Ask Yourself)

Think Bigger

Think Bigger

Accomplish More Things in Life by Changing How You Set Goals

seanwes membership

  • Access to ALL Courses ($5,000+ Value)
  • Training Resources ($2,500+ Value)
  • seanwes conference Videos ($699 Value)

Monthly Membership


Annual Membership


Get 5 Months FREE

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