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Show Notes

I share the process of building my first business, selling it six years later, and how I could have realized much more value by systematizing. Aaron and I also talk about contracts, and laying a foundation of trust; both with clients and in partnership agreements.

  • 17:28 Working for Friends
  • 19:10 Setting Expectations
  • 27:32 Building and Niche-ifying the Business
  • 30:28 How to know when you’ve raised your rates to the right amount
  • 31:07 The Power of the Referral
  • 33:50 Coasting Instead of Scaling (Why You Must Systematize) – “I was scared to make the leap to take my business to the next level.”
  • 41:56 “Doing What You Love” is not a first-world problem
  • 46:37 The Process of Selling the Business