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Show Notes

Working, learning, relaxing… balancing all three can be a huge struggle. How do you know when to put in the overtime effort vs just allowing yourself to take a break? Great achievements often require more time investment than the status quo, but we mustn’t lose sight of the important things in our lives (Hint: it’s not work).

  • 06:01 Free time? What’s that?
  • 09:24 Make a conscious effort to design flexibility into your day
  • 13:53 Use projects to learn during your normal work hours
  • 15:10 Defining “work”
  • 20:18 The four methods of immersion learning: Reading, Watching, Listening, Doing
  • 27:52 Feeling bad about not being productive during your free time
  • 35:19 How to facilitate “Guilt-Free Free Time”