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Show Notes

Our society is consumption-oriented and hungry for your content. There’s never been a better time to be a producer. We talk about growing your audience, your reach, and your impact using practical methods to provide value. What first might seem counter-intuitive, we share how you can make work to your advantage.

  • 02:30 Producer vs. Consumer
  • 04:06 Optimize your “consumption” time to further your production
  • 07:20 Putting yourself into the small group of people that have the ability to influence
  • 08:53 It ultimately comes down to writing no matter the medium
  • 13:45 You’re going to be wrong
  • 14:41 What do you do when you’re wrong?
  • 17:07 Focus on your current audience
  • 20:03 How I wrote and produced content for my online class
  • 26:42 Doesn’t giving away your knowledge work to your disadvantage?