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Show Notes

What story are you trying to tell? Does everything you do promote the impression you want to make? What you project determines your reputation. You have to ask yourself the right questions to keep your projections in line. You’re either consciously shaping your personal brand, or subconsciously being shaped by it.

  • 02:17 What’s in a brand?
  • 08:20 You should be actively building your personal brand, regardless of whether you work for yourself or not.
  • 09:55 What you project or share determines the reputation you are building.
  • 14:38 It’s not a matter of whether you “should” be building a personal brand or not—you already have one. It’s about how you’re shaping it.
  • 21:46 Look for inconsistencies in your interactions (email, phone, twitter, etc). Is anything telling a conflicting story, or giving the wrong impression?
  • 24:32 What is the responsibility of a logo, and how does it play into a brand?
  • 27:29 Everything comes down to expectations. What people expect depends on the experiences they’ve previously had. Your logo is the promise on those expectations.
  • 28:11 Use your custom URL link shortener intentionally to promote brand consistency.
  • 34:09 What story are you trying to tell? People don’t have time to wade through the noise, so don’t contribute to it.
  • 35:24 The future is going to be in filtering. How are you avoiding being filtered out?