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Show Notes

In a slight deviation from his usual pep, Aaron divulges the inherent struggles related to his desire to move to Austin. In what ends up being more of a low-key, personal discussion with Sean, the two discuss the difficulties of quitting what might currently be a good thing to make way for something potentially better.

  • 03:39 Make sure you’re running to something, not simply running away from another thing.
  • 05:43 If you have freedom at this point in your life, take advantage of the opportunity it provides.
  • 06:24 Dealing with the Lizard Brain.
  • 14:33 Two ways of quitting.
  • 20:24 Write out a timeline and a plan of action. Evaluate where you are and where you want to be. If you’re not heading towards where you want to be, how are you going to shift your current direction?
  • 23:57 You can correct mistakes, but you can’t go back and do something you never tried.
  • 28:01 One thing will lead to the next thing. The very next thing you do may not be that “perfect” thing. Just focus on doing. Focus on moving forward, then steer.