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Show Notes

I get “harsh” on being a professional and telling your clients that the content dictates the design. Aaron and I also respond to listener feedback on the topics of art vs. design, business, approaches to billing, payments, and of course, designing for the content.

  • 01:03 How do you approach payments and billing?
  • 09:27 Art vs. Design
  • 17:10 Effective art can be subjective or objective, but effective design is objective.
  • 19:21 Client delays and placeholder content—how to handle without coming across harsh?
  • 20:50 Answer: You don’t worry about coming across “harsh”.
  • 20:58 “You cannot design without content. You design the content. You don’t design websites. You design the content.”
  • 21:49 “…anything less is mere decoration.”
  • 22:16 If your client does not have content, they’re not ready to hire a designer.
  • 25:26 The content is the first conversation you have.
  • 27:25 People are often afraid to be professional because they perceive it as being “harsh.” In reality, it’s simply the opposite of incompetence.
  • 28:11 The right type of clients expect “harshness” from a professional—because it’s not “harshness,” it’s confidence derived from experience.
  • 28:31 The client is hiring you to tell them how this works—to tell them the requirements. That’s what they want. They’re not going to say it in so many words, but that’s because it’s your job.
  • 32:15 Get specific in your contracts…
  • 34:54 …otherwise, you have a 1.5 month project turn into a 5 month project (personal experience).