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Show Notes

Creating a reliable stream of revenue when it comes to an unconventional job requires a diversification of your income sources. I share a three-pronged approach to reliable income and making a living within a niche.

  • 06:52 Q: “As a freelancer, how do I know what type of project requests I will get?”
  • 09:17 A: “You attract the type of work you project.”
  • 09:52 Cater your portfolio toward showcasing the types of projects that you want to get.
  • 10:18 “You’ll always play your greatest hits.” If you no longer want to play your best hits, remove them from your portfolio.
  • 13:11 Remember: You don’t have to publish everything you do.
  • 13:51 Q: “Is it possible to make a living without selling products and just doing individual client jobs?”
  • 14:02 A: “Yes, you can make a living at either one exclusively, but it’s not as strong as diversified sources of income. Diversify, diversify, diversify.”
  • 14:20 The Trifecta:
    1. Client Work
    2. Products
    3. Teaching
  • 15:57 You need to be making products. It doesn’t have to be physical products, but at least digital products.
  • 17:09 If you’re smart, you can use your paid client work to generate products that can be sold over and over again.
  • 18:01 How selling a digital asset that was initially for a personal project made me an extra $3,000.
  • 25:00 You don’t need to have a ton of experience to do the first thing. The first thing you do is always going to be the first thing. You have to do something first. Don’t wait until you have all the experience in the world to start something. Just start something. Learn by doing, and practicing, and failing. It will take you to the next thing.
  • 30:27 Use the skills you have to solve other people’s problems in exchange for money.
  • 35:22 Supporting someone who seems to have lost their “spark”.