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Show Notes

Where does ambition come from? How do we stay motivated? Goals can help inspire us to take action and work towards something, but the source of long-standing perseverance cannot be derived from the goals themselves else it dissipates once the goal is reached. We must go deeper.

  • 04:01 People that are making awesome stuff might serve as an initial inspiration, but it’s not about trying to be as good as someone else. It’s about being the best you that you can be.
  • 04:32 The best person to compete with is yourself. It doesn’t matter what someone else is accomplishing.
  • 05:19 Why do the super successful people, who have made amazing things and could very well retire on what they’ve built, continue to start the next business, or write the next book?
  • 05:48 It’s about passion. It’s about a love for the journey.
  • 08:02 If you’re only focused on the goal, you risk disappointment if you don’t meet it (either at all or within the expected time), and potential complacency if you do.
  • 09:27 The key to perseverance is to focus on the journey.
  • 09:55 It has to be a passion for the work and a love for the journey.
  • 10:05 This means your work needs to be something you’re passionate about.
  • 10:50 What do you do when you get into something you thought you wanted and it turns out to be something you didn’t like?
  • 11:57 Don’t get into something if you don’t love it. You’re setting yourself up for disappointment—or worse: long term complacency.
  • 12:35 Don’t worry about whether that thing is going to be the perfect thing. If you love it now, that’s enough to get into it and start it and try it. It’s ok if that doesn’t end up being the perfect thing, because it could lead you to something else.
  • 13:08 You have to guard the sacredness of your passion by stepping up your professional game. Otherwise you will get trampled by clients and end up hating your passion, and it’s entirely your fault.
  • 13:40 If you got into something because you liked the idea, but after a period of trying it you found that you don’t really like the act of doing it, then you need to get out. That’s not something you want to continue doing.
  • 14:22 Don’t start out by buying a bunch of expensive courses only to find out you don’t really like something. Start with the doing. Take the initiate to start practicing at something to see if you really like doing the work.
  • 14:41 Life is too short not to do something you love (I share a listener story here on why this expression is not just a cliche).
  • 20:39 How quickly your perspective changes when you encounter a sobering situation that reminds you of the fragility of life. What you do is not about money, it’s about being fulfilled.
  • 21:55 Take the pressure off of yourself: Don’t focus on the fear that something you’re pursuing might be the wrong thing. You’re not going to know until you try it. Start by doing, and even if it’s not the “perfect thing” it will bring you to the next thing.
  • 24:56 If you’re starting each pursuit with an inkling that it will be something you love, more than likely your pursuits will ultimately compliment each other later on even if they’re not all your full time efforts.
  • 29:15 It’s good to focus on just one thing for awhile. It’s not really possible to multitask effectively.
  • 30:29 Start out with your pursuit being a sacred thing. Let it be an escape where it can be something you enjoy doing and just let it flourish. Don’t worry about monetizing it right off the bat.
  • 33:01 “Don’t Stop Believin'”