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Show Notes

Likes, and hearts, and shares—oh my! With running counters next to nearly everything you see, words like “worth” and “value” start to have diluted meanings. Let’s look beyond the floating numbers above everyone’s head for real value. Numbers are relative, and we must not let relativity misrepresent actuality.

  • 02:52 There’s a running counter next to everything—you can’t seem to escape it.
  • 03:20 Like or share counters are trying to instill perceptional value.
  • 03:59 The long-term value of what you make is not judged on likes or shares.
  • 04:41 On the other end of the spectrum, the people with high counts can get complacent if they live only within their bubble.
  • 06:47 We will often attribute a different value to something if we come to our own unbiased conclusion about its worth rather than rely on adjacent statistics.
  • 12:42 Ask yourself:
    • If what I’m looking at had 500 likes, would I think it’s of any worth?
    • If what I’m looking at had 0 likes, would I think it’s of any worth?
    • If the person who is posting this had 10,000 followers, would I think what they say has any value?
    • If the person who is posting this had 0 followers, would I think what say they say has any value?
    • Should those factors make a difference in either scenario?
  • 13:30 What determines value?
  • 13:50 Yes, good content is very often liked, favorited, and shared many times, but because something has a large counter next to it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good content. You have to have that personal “check.” Don’t blindly succumb to social “proof”.
  • 15:46 Many curators and content producers have an inflated amount of influence.
  • 16:17 A large following can lead to complacency if you simply coast on your previous accomplishments. Are you still pushing yourself? Are you still providing value?
  • 17:44 Are you trying or are you coasting?
  • 19:09 Don’t get to a point where you’re complacent. There’s no such thing as “arrival”.
  • 19:42 Nothing really changes when you get more followers. Everything is relative.
  • 21:35 Don’t attribute value simply because you see likes.
  • 21:50 Focus on doing better than you’re doing right now.
  • 22:44 It has to be about making good work, not status.
  • 22:50 The internet makes status painfully obvious. It’s like you see floating numbers above everyone’s heads now. “This is how much influence THIS person has, this is how much of a following THAT person has.” It’s trying to tell you their worth.
  • 23:11 The “worth” you attribute needs to be an objective and unbiased thing.