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Do you find it difficult to be your own client? Personal projects can be very frustrating when you keep feeling like you want to do more, or add something new in the middle of the project. In order to understand this struggle, we have to point out and identify the two selfs the come into play with personal projects.

Show Notes
  • 14:59 The Two Selfs:
    1. The Professional Self
    2. The Client Self
  • 15:28 You have to separate the two personas.
  • 15:32 In order for you to be able to look at this situation objectively, you have to distinctly acknowledge the two different brains you are using—the two different selfs.
  • 16:50 The professional is always responsible.
  • 17:36 Just like any client, your client self will try to get away with whatever it can.
  • 18:19 You MUST embrace your professional self.
  • 20:20 Enforce the same rules that you do with clients.
  • 20:24 Adhere to your process. This is why it must be written down.
  • 21:08 The two most important constants: Content & Goals
  • 21:49 Content and goals must always be provided up front, and unchanging throughout the entire project.
  • 22:53 If you are not at a point where you can guarantee that your content and goals will not change, then you are not at a point to begin a personal design project.
  • 23:43 Treat it as if you were hiring a firm to design your project. Get your act together, and nail down the content and goals before you bring your project to yourself.
  • 23:55 It comes back to “There’s no such thing as clients from hell.”
  • 24:19 The problem is your professional self allowing your client self to be problematic.
  • 25:14 Professionalism is objective. It’s a discipline.
  • 25:32 If you can’t be objective when you are your own client, what makes you think you can keep your compromise and personal preference out of a client project?
  • 25:43 If you can’t be a professional with yourself, not only do you have no business being your own client, but you have no business taking on ANY clients.
  • 27:55 Design is about constraints.
  • 28:00 Design is about problem solving and creative thinking within constraints. If there are no constraints, then there is nothing to be designed.
  • 28:05 You cannot design effectively if the constraints are not real.
  • 28:10 The constraints your client self sets have to remain unchanged. You cannot be effective as your design professional self if you have no respect for the constraints.
  • 28:25 Reasons NOT to be your own client.
  • 28:49 If it’s not your specialty, you should hire someone who is an expert at it.
  • 35:16 Professionalism has made me a better client.
  • 36:43 If you’ve made a conscious decision in your mind to pursue professionalism, then I consider you to be a professional. Because professionalism is a journey. There’s no threshold you have to cross to be a professional. You become a professional by acting like one.
  • 40:33 Is there ever a point where you should fire yourself as a client?