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Today’s show was unexpected. We had a topic planned, and when Ben showed up, it was clear that he had a lot on his mind. There were some real struggles he was having and challenges with being able to work in the professional manner he knew he should.

Rather than force the topic we had prepared, we let the recording run and capture the personal conversation we had about these difficulties. What transpired is akin to the discussions we have together off-air. It’s genuine, and it addresses the real life struggles of choosing the path of a design professional.

Show Notes
  • 00:52 Struggling with professionalism.
  • 03:11 Troubles with real-life application of The Overlap Technique.
  • 04:44 “Does The Overlap Technique work with one half being work with poor professional ethic, and the other half being work with good professional ethic?”
  • 12:01 It’s a matter of priority: What are you not doing to make something more important possible?
  • 16:07 You have to have an established base to begin overlapping. That might mean starting out by working somewhere that may not be your favorite place to work.
  • 17:46 If you just keep hitting the snooze button, you never wake up.
  • 19:34 The story about the backpack and the hill.
  • 21:28 Unprofessional work will always be an uphill battle for as long as you do it. Professionalism is an initial climb, but after that it’s downhill.
  • 25:20 You have two sides: The Professional Self knows what you need to do and knows that while it’s hard, it’s what you should be doing. The Scared Self wants to operate out of fear. Who’s In Charge?