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How do you know what your passion is? How long until you know that something is not your passion? It’s scary committing to one thing at a time because it means not committing to everything else you want to do. When you’re not sure what your passion is, it can be hard to stick with a single pursuit long enough to find out if it’s what you really love to do. But that’s exactly what you need to do, and we explain why.

Show Notes
  • 05:25 Picking one pursuit.
  • 05:51 “My fear of failure & success has left me mediocre at many hobbies, sports and learning. Listening to your podcast made me consider if I quit for the right reasons. Did I quit because things got too tough or because I achieved a certain level of mediocre?” – Kevin
  • 07:42 “…fear of failure and success.”
  • 09:29 Why does committing to one thing feel overwhelming?
  • 10:07 First, acknowledge that there’s more things than you could ever do, or pursue, or learn, or read, or consume, or make. Coming to grips with this can give you some relief. You can’t do everything at once.
  • 11:55 The “Triple Threat” pressure.
  • 12:26 Mastery vs. Proficiency.
  • 13:15 Desiring mastery in many things is not a bad desire, but you’re not going to get there by pursuing all of those things simultaneously.
  • 13:56 If you want to be able to do multiple things that interest you and do them well, then you have to start out by doing them individually.
  • 15:31 Though it may feel otherwise, you’re actually able to accomplish more things faster when you do them individually as opposed to “multitasking.”
  • 17:38 Finding your passion.
  • 20:59 “What is the right thing to focus on right now?”
  • 21:43 Deciding where to start is the enemy of starting. You can’t steer a parked car.
  • 21:51 If you spend all your time fretting about which one to start, it keeps you from starting at all. Just go with one.
  • 22:05 A lot of times we think we know what we want to do because we like the idea of it. But it’s the doing that matters. You’re not going to know until you’ve tried it for awhile. You have to give that pursuit the time and attention and focus that it needs to determine that. You can’t be clouded by a ton of different things at the same time.
  • 22:29 Once you’ve gotten past the threshold of confirming that you actually love doing something, not just the idea of doing it, then it becomes your passion. When you have something that is your passion, there’s no longer this struggle of whether or not you should commit to it.
  • 23:30 If you really want to know whether you’re passionate about something, keep pushing through the points of resistance.
  • 24:10 You won’t know whether or not you love something until you’re on the other side of resistance.
  • 25:16 Where does the drive come from?
  • 25:27 The drive comes from the passion. And the passion is only found in the doing. And doing is something that is done, not just thought about. The more you think about doing the less you’re doing.