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Getting good feedback can be difficult. Ben and I discuss some of the requirements for creating an environment that facilitates constructive criticism. Rather than waste time with “compliment sandwiches,” we need a shared mindset where everyone is participating for the sole purpose of improvement. There needs to be a group willingness to focus on solving problems instead of suggesting solutions.

Show Notes
  • 04:19 Getting feedback and facilitating critique.
  • 05:15 It’s about the community mindset.
  • 05:54 The “over-liked” state of things makes everything default to “Is this awesome, or is this not awesome?” which doesn’t make for such a constructive environment.
  • 07:02 Art Critique vs. Design Critique.
  • 09:15 Everyone participating needs to come into the feedback session with a common mindset. “How can this be made better?” “What can be improved?” The person receiving the feedback also needs to have a receptive mindset.
  • 09:55 The problem with unsolicited feedback.
  • 10:44 Poorly facilitated feedback actually hurts the design industry as a whole.
  • 14:42 A case for the privatized community.
  • 18:53 Showing your progress work in public is still a good thing when appropriated in the form of a well-articulated case study.
  • 23:46 Focus on the problem instead of potential solutions.
  • 24:32 Feedback is not a substitute for education.
  • 25:26 You never stop learning.
  • 28:21 Collaboration and attribution.
  • 32:38 Help other designers solve their own problems.
  • 34:33 Analyze, Assess, & Alter.
  • 35:16 Remember, design elements are merely tools. They are not solutions in and of themselves, but devices to be used in your solutions.
  • 39:19 Community plans for seanwes.