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After some initial apprehension, I decided to share detailed traffic and conversion numbers on my recent launch of Learn Lettering. I throw my inhibitions to the wind and give you an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at everything that went into making it happen. I show how putting in the upfront effort to build trust and loyalty goes a long way towards enabling a successful launch.

Show Notes
  • 05:52 Behind the scenes of the Learn Lettering launch.
  • 06:56 Background on my first tutorial page.
  • 09:38 The existing factors that served as catalysts for the success of the launch.
  • 11:36 You don’t have to have an existing audience to meet a need.
  • 11:52 Building initial traction:
    1. Identify a need
    2. Provide value.
    3. Make it available for free.
    4. Enjoy Virality.
  • 13:02 What to do with the initial traction.
  • 13:54 The Learn page was getting more traffic than even my home page because it provided the greatest value.
  • 14:09 Designing the new Learn Lettering announcement page as a conversion machine: funneling to the signup. No external links. No distractions.
  • 14:52 Incentivize the signup by using existing content that has proven value.
  • 15:51 Use social proof to bypass the initial burden of proving existing value.
  • 16:56 Keep your eyes open and look for opportunities to stop and learn something new that’s going to help out your business.
  • 18:26 Sometimes one of your pursuits ends up getting unexpected traction—be willing to shift your focus when the opportunity presents itself.
  • 21:12 Disclaimer on numbers.
  • 30:45 A healthy perspective on unsubscribers.
  • 31:41 When you are passionate about what you’re providing, your audience will remain to be comprised of people that are very targeted and loyal. When others leave, it just means your reach is all the more concentrated on the right people.
  • 32:49 The methods I used to spread the word about the launch.
  • 33:28 Dissecting the total number of visitors and subscription conversion rate.
  • 38:23 You have to establish a track record before you ask for subscribers. Provide value first, for free, with no barriers. Then let that reputation fuel your second offering.
  • 39:53 You have to put out your very best work for free. Take what you have made, find the best thing, and give it away. People will share this because it’s valuable and it’s free. They will see this and think, “If he’s giving this away for free, his paid stuff must be at least as good.”
  • 40:42 Set the standard with your best work. Build something that addresses a need and give it away.
  • 42:30 “This giving-value-first-for-free approach doesn’t work with physical products, right?”
  • 45:57 It’s all about the long game.
  • 47:19 Take everything a little bit at a time. It’s a steady increase. Build infrastructure as you go. The little things add up.
  • 48:34 The benefits of starting with the passion.
  • 53:22 “How did you structure your launch newsletter?”
  • 01:00:20 Capitalizing on opportunities within your user experience. Go through your own process as a user.