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It’s not always easy to make the time or take a trip to go meet with other designers and creative people. But the good that comes out of these in-person interactions simply cannot be ignored. We talk about the benefits of relationships formed through networking and different ways to connect with others when face-to-face meet ups aren’t possible.

Show Notes
  • 03:36 Writing and Podcasting are great ways to project your values and give people greater insight into how you approach things. It opens doors for new relationships to form.
  • 07:20 You can only get so much of a picture from tweets. There’s a lot of value in conversations that are greater than 140 characters.
  • 08:42 The depth of interaction depends on the platform of engagement.
  • 10:41 Don’t get discouraged if you live in a remote area without many opportunities for in-person meetups.
  • 13:34 Connect with people who are on the same level as you or higher. Someone with more experience who is able to mentor you is ideal, but even if they are on par with you, they’ll at least be able to help you keep the right mindset and stay on track.
  • 14:51 “Always look for the smartest person in the room. If that person isn’t you, spend time with them. And if that person is you, go to another room.”
  • 15:12 There is truth to the above sentiment, but there are also seasons. There are times to learn and times to teach. If you’re going to teach, you may need to be the smartest person in the room for a while, but just make sure you’re also positioning yourself around others who will help you grow.
  • 15:33 You are the average of your five closest friends.
  • 16:03 Your ideas, your approach, and even the way you see yourself is reflected by the people you keep closest to you and those you spend the most time with. Ask yourself, “Who am I spending a lot of time with?” “How is that reflected in the way that I do things?”
  • 17:37 In-person connections have the potential to leave the greatest impression.
  • 18:47 Getting to know people in a more personal sense allows you to encourage them in ways you wouldn’t otherwise be able to.
  • 21:22 Don’t over-network.
  • 22:48 When’s the best time to hand out your business card?
  • 24:12 Are business cards dead?
  • 27:27 A cheap business card is worse than no business card.
  • 28:13 Create memories through exchange of unique and surprising physical objects.
  • 32:39 Don’t worry about acceptance from your heroes.
  • 36:00 Started from the bottom now we’re here.