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Taking your passion full time isn’t something that happens overnight. But making a living from what you love to do can be done regardless of what it is. It’s simply going to take hard work. A lot of people don’t recognize the opportunity they have to pursue their passion because it comes in the form of a chance to do hard work.

We talk about why this is worth it in the long run, and how The Overlap Technique will help you guard your passion and keep it from drying up when it becomes your full time job.

Show Notes
  • 07:11 Sometimes you know you’re not in the right place and you just have to get out even if you don’t have a plan of action.
  • 08:36 Don’t jump out if it’s going to cause you financial hardship.
  • 10:22 “I don’t want to tell people what I’m going to do anymore. I want to share what I’m doing.”
  • Sharing what you’re doing now is more valuable than talking about something you might do eventually even if the former is less grandiose.

  • 14:19 “What if you really don’t have a plan for what you’re going to do, but you can’t stay where you’re at any longer?”
  • 14:52 First ask: Is it possible for you to stay a little bit longer in order to build up savings? Do you already have current savings? Is someone able to support you if you quit without the next thing lined up? Do you have family to fall back on?
  • 15:35 Life isn’t always going to be pleasant and sometimes we have to go through times that aren’t fun in order to get to where we need to be.
  • 15:54 The first part of The Overlap Technique is the day job. You need the initial platform to support your passion in the beginning. It’s not always going to be your favorite thing, but ideally you’d find something that isn’t intolerable. As long as you don’t mind it very much and can do it long enough to get your passion off of the ground, you’re golden. If you actually enjoy your day job, then bonus!
  • 17:20 Sanity > Money.
  • 20:12 “What if the thing that you love to do really doesn’t make a whole lot of money?”
  • 20:50 The Origami Artist.
  • 27:20 It’s going to be hard work but the investment of 2–3 years or even 5–7 years is nothing compared to the return. You can’t put a price on the results of being able to do what you love for the rest of your life.
  • 31:59 Your best work is ahead of you.
  • 497 of the 500 most popular symphonies were made after the composer’s 10th year of work.

    Your best work is ahead. Be excited and press on.

  • 33:56 It’s not about money, it’s about being able to create freely without hinderance.
  • 36:26 Establish a platform, THEN bring in the passion. You pursue the passion for the passion’s sake because you love to do it. You let the passion grow organically from starting with what you love about it. By the time it gets to the point of where you can sustain yourself, it’s still what you love to do.
  • 37:45 Don’t start by asking yourself how you’re going to make money from it. Let the passion grow organically and opportunities will present themselves. Remember: opportunities look like hard work.