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Originally broadcasted in live video, we were joined by our wives, Laci and Rachel, to go behind the scenes on what it’s like as a married couples with freelance & entrepreneurial careers—from both perspectives. We answered questions from podcast feedback as well as from listeners in the live chat.

Many of us self-employed, married business owners struggle with the same challenges, but it seems like not much time is dedicated to talking about them. We got real in this show.

Show Notes
  • The intended audience for this show:
    • 01:51 Freelancers/Entrepreneurs:
      • My hope is that you’ll hear some things in this episode that will make you think about the challenges your spouse has in a new way.
      • Maybe you’ll be able to open up some discussion with your spouse and communicate about these challenges instead of ignoring them, or getting by.
    • Spouses of Freelancers/Entrepreneurs:
      • I’m hoping you’ll listen to this and be able to feel like you’re not alone in these challenges, and possibly get some ideas for better handling the struggles that come with being married to someone who is an entrepreneur or self employed.
  • 03:56 Question from Emma M.:
  • I would love to hear your thoughts on after work hours. I love to spend my down time illustrating – rather than watching tv but my husband is very sensitive to me not working past 6pm (even though it doesn’t feel like work). I often feel like a bit of an artsy air head as I can lose hours doing this, but it just seems like such a strange notion to him. How do you deal with keeping a balance and coming to an understanding on free time? Does a partner that is so often happiest in the creative zone drive you to distraction?

  • 07:08 Question from Dan B.:
  • My girlfriend isn’t in a creative industry and struggles to understand why I sometimes need to work at antisocial hours, especially when it means me staying up really late. I’m trying to launch a personal project at the moment and it requires a lot of hours. I feel like I’m juggling this project and my relationship at the moment, trying to give enough hours to both!

  • 07:47 A rule we have: Always go to bed at the same time.
  • 11:36 Because there was such a blur between my work and what I loved to do, it always looked like I was working.
  • 12:19 “I didn’t understand until he explained that what he did after hours, even though it looked the same to me, was actually different kind of work.”
  • 13:48 Question from Aline K.:
  • How do the kids react to your working hours? Do they respect the boundaries? How do you think they feel about it?

  • 18:15 Question from Mark B.:
  • Do you also wake up (and start working) the same time?

  • 20:32 Question from Sam L.:
  • Are Laci and Rachel in the creative field as well? What are their occupations?

  • 23:28 Question from John M.:
  • Do you have a hard time doing “non-productive” things like watching tv shows or movies with your spouses? If so, how do you make it enjoyable versus feeling like wasted time?

  • 27:32 Question from Mark:
  • At what point/project did you realize this freelance “idea” could turn into a real full-time thing and provide a quality life.

  • 28:20 It’s important to get a sense of your partner’s long term or short term type of thinking.
  • 30:47 Question from Hallie T:
  • How on earth do you support a partner in reaching their potential without putting pressure on them? Where does encouragement end and nagging begin? When they don’t follow through on something, is it my job to be accepting of their decision and to wipe away the guilt, or should I hold them to their word? Where does life-coach meet enabler meet loving spouse?

  • 36:08 The biggest lesson I’ve learned is treating the person like they are who they want to be—even if they’re not yet. They come into it when you treat them that way.
  • 44:29 Questions from Emma H.:
  • What is the most challenging thing?

    What is the most rewarding thing?